Diamond Exchange Antwerpsche Diamantkring
Travel guide to Antwerp World Diamond Center. Booking information by Fleights, Train, Eurostar, Thalys 
Tips to buy safely wholesale diamonds in Antwerp World Diamond Center Exchange.
Discover mysterious history since 13 nth century - Visit famous factory
 Antwerp, flight facilities, train, Eurostar... | City map of Antwerp Diamond Center

Since the13nth century to the early 20nth century 
Venice & Portugal were the primary links between Antwerp and India, where diamonds were first found. 
Later Antwerp became all other links to the diamond sources, Brazil, Africa, Russia, Australia, Canada and more...
Today Antwerp has a yearly turnover of more than 58,8 billion US $. 
Antwerp is considered World's largest Diamond Trade Center, exporting all over the world his famous Antwerp ideal cut diamonds.

Visit Ajediam’s famous Cutting Factory and Discover insider secrets of the diamond business 
Antwerp World Diamond Center, Diamond Exchange Antwerpsche Diamantkring - Hoveniersstraat 2, BE-2018 Antwerp / Belgium / Europe 

Please Note! Entrance for Invites only. For your invitation please Email or call Tel: +32 3 233 29 90

City trip guide

Travel guide to Antwerp: 
 Welcome in Antwerp! 
Antwerp is less than two hours by train from London, Paris, 
Amsterdam and Frankfurt:
Eurostar: http://www.eurostar.com 
TGV: http://www.tgv.com
Thalys: http://www.thalys.com 
Fyra: http://www.b-europe.com/Travel/Trains/Fyra
Price: from 23 €
Welcome in Antwerp, two hours by Thalys train from Paris from 36 Euro.
Welcome in Antwerp, two hours by Eurostar train from London
Welcome in Antwerp, two hours from Dusseldorf by Thalys.
Welcome at Ajediam, 1:30 minutes from Amsterdam by Thalys train

Antwerp World Diamond Center is very conveniently located in Belgium:
20 minutes from London City to Antwerp International Airport*,
*Antwerp international Airport, 
Luchthavenlei, B-2100 Antwerp - Belgium  
Tel : +32 (0)3 285 65 00  Fax : +32 (0)3 285 65 01

Low budget flights: 
Rayanair info: http://www.ryanair.com/site  Easyjet: http://www.easyjet.com
20' from Brussels, 40' from Bruges, 1 1/2 hour from Amsterdam, 2 hours from Paris by Thalys  3 1/2 hours from London by Eurostar.

Eurostar: http://www.eurostar.com  TGV: http://www.tgv.com - Thalys: http://www.thalys.com 

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Antwerp Sightseeing, information about Antwerp city
Tips to buy safely diamonds in Antwerp World Diamond Center, some general advice:
Like any major diamond city NY, Dubai and Antwerp also has its 'tourist trap' and mass jewelry stores open on weekend in the Appelmansstraat, Vestingstraat, Keyserlei and Pelikaanstraat; so you'd better make sure you visit only official Antwerp diamond Exchange registered diamantairs, if in doubt ask for a their registration-member number.
Detect fake diamonds + simulants | Tips & Tricks / prevent (dirty)
Buy famous Triple Excellent, Hearts & Arrows Cut Diamonds at wholesale price at Ajediam:
You can visit our factory located in the heart of Antwerp World Diamond Center and 
choose your high quality polished diamonds, jewelry and engagement rings… 
You can choose from a large collection of settings.
In a few hours your diamond will be set in a ring or jewelry at the right size
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Trip advisor Antwerp
 Email     Tel: +32 3 233 29 90 
Antwerp World Diamond Center, Diamond Exchange, Hoveniersstraat 2, Antwerp / Belgium / Europe
History of Antwerp and diamonds... Since the13nth Century...
the beginning of a never-ending romantic story
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