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Man-made, Cultured, Lab grown diamonds are synthetic, artificial,
machine made, simply cultured. 
An unnatural surrogate, a replica that simply attempt to “look” like a natural diamond produced within a few minutes or hours!

What's the actual price of a Man-made, Cultured, Lab grown diamond? 1/3 of the price of a natural.
If you would like to buy one, be a little patient. The competition is high that means that the prices of the Lag grown diamonds will go quickly down.

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"The last thing that buyers want is for synthetic diamonds to get mixed in, with natural gems or replica, sold as real natural diamonds!
Man-made diamonds are mostly used to sell as real natural diamonds, usually with the intent to defraud! Criminal fact!

Synthetic diamonds are categorized as either high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) or chemical vapor deposition CVD diamonds, depending on the method of their production.

In fact, they are created in a few minutes or hours, depending of the size. What is the real value ? 
Worthless, $ 100 Just as for a Rolex replica sold in the street.

The drawbacks seems to be layered structure, clouds and the limits to the size of the diamonds, 
due to the limits in technology and equipment. 
Sizes are limited from 0.50 to 1.50 carats. Bigger sizes exist for colored diamonds. 
Negative is also the unromantic notion that the Laboratory grown diamond is created in a few minutes, taking millions of years to form a natural diamond.
How to detect man-made lab grown synthetic diamonds:
start stop growth structure shown by synthetic diamonds
​The Lab grown diamond shows layered start stop growth structure by microscope!
Psychological fact: The difference between offering a real natural diamond and a replica.
View the reaction of the person who will receive a man-made, artificial diamond, as a precious gift, whithout value.
What a disillusion. Not a real diamond, No investment value! Cheap 
an imitation, usually with the intent to deceive

Try to resell it!
Comparable to buying a Rolex replica at $ 100. 
The quality is never the same and you will probably never be able to resell it.
Try to resell your replica at auctions by Sotheby's or Christie’s! No way!

Conclusion: if you don’t effort to buy a real natural diamond, buy cheapest such as an inexpensive surrogate
a Cubic Zirconia, CZ replica at $ 10 per carat. 
The synthetic diamond shows cloud like pattern by microscope!
​View here how Gem Labs distinguish man-made versus natural diamonds
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machine to produce cultured diamonds, image
How does a HP HT pressing machine to produce cultured diamonds look
Here you see an image of one type of machine that you can buy on the market. 
The space needed to setup your machine? 
You will need a larger room of 3 x 4 meter and a high voltage connection.

Is this an ecological way to realize diamonds? Not. You will consume a hugue quantity of electricity