What is best place to buy your engagement ring & diamonds in Antwerp, Belgium? Where to buy?

Answer: In confidence at Ajediam

Is it cheaper and safe to buy loose diamonds for an engagement ring?

Yes, It is cheaper and you will get a lot of advantages:

  • Lifetime Guarantee and Free Worldwide Annual Jewelry Care Service on diamond engagement rings and jewelry.
  • Your custom made Design for your Engagement Ring is for FREE. Our Master Goldsmith will create it for you.
  • Choose your diamonds loose first. Never buy set diamonds ready to wear in a ring and online*.

*Impossible to control quality of cut, weight, color, clarity and fluorescence. Impossible to avoid switched stone and / or switched certificate!

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Delivered with GIA certified diamonds EX EX EX H&A super ideal cut Antwerp quality, laser inscribed on the girdle, at Professional Wholesale Price in the World Diamond Centre Exchange Bourse at Ajediam.

First rule: Never buy set diamonds in a ring or other jewelry!

How it is working:
Choose first your diamonds at wholesale price.
Then choose your setting created by our Independent Master Goldsmith as a FREE Service to our privileged customers!

Ajediam is the International Diamond Company, hosted in Antwerp World’s major Diamond Exchange, Bourse, first in the World. An annual turnover of $58,8 billion US$ confirms Antwerp’s leadership role in the global Diamond Trade.

We supply worldwide finest polished diamonds, buying rough diamonds at the mines. Ajediam, the direct source, selling at factory prices.

Consult Buying Guide
Consult Buying Guide
Consult Buying Guide

High Jewelry – This is a unique wearable investment jewelry. Value for money!
This ring contains a rare blue chameleon diamond.
Custom made on special order.

Consult Buying Guide

We offer you following exclusive guarantees:

  • GIA, HRD certified diamonds of finest quality at huge discounts
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE on diamonds
  • LIEFETIME FREE annual jewelry care & repair service
  • FREE shipping
  • 48-hour delivery wordwide by FedEx
  • Lifetime resale guarantee

Ajediam is just 5 steps upstream from normal buying process for private buyers:

  1. Mining companies are suppliers to Ajediam, accredited Diamond Company since more than 30 years, in Antwerp at the Diamond Exchange, Bourse first in the World.
  2. Ajediam Diamond Manufacturers, Cutters, Polishers are suppliers to traders, wholesalers, dealers, brokers.
  3. Wholesalers, traders, dealers, brokers sell to jewelry manufacturers.
  4. Jewelry manufacturers sell to jewelry wholesalers.
  5. Jewelry wholesalers sell to retail jewelers.
  6. Shops and jewelers sell to individuals

If you like to visit us for an exclusive viewing of diamonds and purchasing at wholesale the diamonds of your choice, you are welcome to make an appointment.

Please visit us in Antwerp, no purchase limit.
Entrance for Invites only. For your invitation please Email or call Tel: +32 3 808 72 02

If you cannot come to Antwerp, buy on distance as a trader and get the same approved exclusive services, guarantees and Tax Free Export at GIA certified, laser inscribed at verified wholesale prices!


Since the 13th century Rough diamonds were brought to Antwerp by Portuguese shippers.

From then on, it is an Antwerp, (Flanders) Family Heritage to be the best in Art of Cutting & Polishing diamonds.

The shareholders, the board of directors and the cutters of Ajediam are Flemish people with over 30 years tradition of excellence.

Manufacturer of the finest cut, Producer of the perfect make H&A, EX EX EX, Ideal Cut diamonds and always ahead​!

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