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Discover good eating and drinking in hundreds of restaurants and cafes:

The metropolis, as Antwerp is often called,
 is the ideal place to discover the joys of good eating and drinking 
and there are literally hundreds of ...
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Eating and drinking, visiting Antwerp
one of the most pleasant and luxurious cities, in which safety is famous in the world. 
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Antwerp famous beer Bolleke
Antwerp famous beer Bolleke
Antwerp famous restaurant La Cigale d'Argent
Diamond Exchange Ajediam
Ajediam, Diamonds, Engagement Rings
Diamond Exchange
Hoveniersstraat 2
  • Ristorante Pizzeria San Remo
Cozy and nice Italian restaurant

If you are looking for a great eating experience for a incredibly affordable rate!
This is the place to go to. 

It gets a 5 out of 5 for the food to no budget!

Beautiful situated!
Outside they have a nice terrace. 

Very good and friendly service.

Located on de Keyserlei 33-35, on walking distance 
from the central station.

Tel: +32 3 227 38 77 
View location on the city map below
Eating and drinking in Antwerp in famous restaurant La Cigale d'Argent
  • Restaurant La Cigale d'Argent 
is a culinary winner of the diamond district. 

As its name suggests, the French cuisine that the food is coloring. 

But you can also find Italian influences on the menu.
The Mediterranean atmosphere is everywhere. 
On walking distance from the central station and the Professional Diamond District:

Appelmansstraat 17 - Tel: +32 3 (0)225 23 24
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Eating Italian food in cozy and fine Italian restaurant pizzeria San Remo
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  • Ristorante Pizzeria La Bella Sicula
Looking for a typical Sicilian restaurant in Antwerp:

Ristorante Pizzeria La Bella Sicula
Simply fine Sicilian food

Located near the Antwerp Marina
Italiëlei 38 BE-2000 Antwerp

Tel: + 32 3 233 34 73
Open 12:00 - 15:00 / 17:30 - 23:00
Find here a few typical Antwerp restaurants:
Ristorante Pizzeria San Remo, Cozy and nice Italian restaurant
Typical Spanish Restaurant Las Mañas in Amberes
Ristorante Pizzeria 
San Remo
de Keyserlei 33
la Cigale d'Argent
Appelmansstraat 17
Simply fine Sicilian food in Ristorante Pizzeria La Bella Sicula
  • Restaurante Las Mañas
Typical Spanish Restaurant with very good Spanish food!
Las Mañas, : 
If you enter Las Mañas restaurante in Amberes 
(Antwerp in English), it is just as you enter a restaurant in Spain. 

It is really crowded, noisy and the waiters look as they are balancing on a nervous breakdown...

On weekends guitarists play in the background.

located near the Antwerp Marina
Ankerrui 36 - B-2000 Antwerp
+32 3 231 72 20
Ristorante Pizzeria La Bella Sicula
Simply fine Sicilian food
Las Mañas restaurante
Las Mañas restaurante
Ankerrui 36
Central station
 Email     Tel: +32 3 233 29 90 
Antwerp World Diamond Center, Diamond Exchange, Hoveniersstraat 2, Antwerp / Belgium / Europe
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