Joining Efforts to Become The Jewelry Company of the Future

In 2021, Ajediam joined the OnlyJewels ecosystem. Made up of five fine jewelry undertakings, Ajediam, OnlyJewels, Art & Jewels, OJ Studio, and Antwerp Ateliers, it connects customers to the most extraordinary jewels, bringing them outstanding quality and impeccable services. 

Our customers are welcome in the comfortable Offices and Showrooms in the Diamond District as well as in Paris via its sister company Galeries du Diamant.

In 2023, we welcomed XGoud to join us in our efforts to become the Jewelry Company of the Future.

Ajediam, the very source of diamonds.

Since 1986, Ajediam – the Antwerp Jewels & Diamond Manufacturers, has delivered incredible diamonds for smart buyers all around the world. A pioneer in servicing diamond jewelry online (first online launch in 2002), Ajediam delivers Antwerp’s hottest diamond deals, a wide range of most beautiful and sought-after diamond jewelry designs, exciting content revealing expert tips and tricks to become a true diamond industry insider, and a fantastic shopping experience across all devices

OnlyJewels, dedicated entirely to the world of jewels

The platform designed entirely by industry experts provides an exclusive made-to-measure digital journey for fine jewelry acquirers. OnlyJewels offers a carefully curated selection of awarded designer jewels, extraordinary gemstones, and fine objects. Its highly detailed presentations, as well as editorial content, reveal the true world of fine jewels and its many brilliant facets. 

Art & Jewel, antique fine jewelry expertise

Beate Kalisch is a renowned German gemologist and fine jewelry expert. At Art & Jewels, she tells all about gems and jewels with passion. Beate offers her expertise and shares the tips and tricks she picked up over the past 30 years working in the jewelry industry.

OJ Studio, fine jewelry media production

The only media production team in the diamond district of Antwerp. OJ Studio creates multimedia solutions for fine jewelry.

Antwerp Ateliers, master goldsmiths

The Antwerp Ateliers create jewels with a harmonious combination of technology and tradition. The team of goldsmiths creates white-label fine jewelry for jewelry brands as well as bespoke jewels for private clients.

Galeries du Diamant, representants in Paris

Awarded the title of HRD Center of Excellence in 2018, Galeries du Diamant is a sophisticated boutique located behind the Galeries Lafayette. It offers Antwerp diamonds, wholesale prices, fine jewelry goldsmithing services, and diamond expertise in Paris.

XGoud, experts in precious metals

XGoud is a third-generation business, now the Netherlands’ best appraisers and purchasers of precious metals and jewelry, and provides reliable, fair, and transparent offers for you wherever you are.