Description and Cost of a diamond and jewelry taxation

Official written Expert opinion 
by accredited International professional experts, gemologists

Cost 3 %° of the evaluation of the value with a minimum of 260 Euro

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You can benefit of an Express service for instant appraisal during your visit

In order to give you an accurate complete appraisal, please provide documentation you have, 
such as sales receipt, invoice, credit card payment… 
and eventually insurance summary listing the property, 
previous appraisals, helpful for measurements, weight or examined stones before they were set

You will receive your appraisal during your visit, 

This caluation will contain:

  • Full description of the item

  • Metal % alloy of gold, platinum and / or silver + weight

  • Identification, grading, measurement /estimation of diamonds, ruby, sapphire, green emerald 
          and all other precious and semi precious stones

  • Final financial valuation in US $ and Euro

A full diamond report by GIA, HRD or IGI is recommended for diamonds, ruby, sapphire and green emerald 
gems above 0.30 Carat.
Most insurance companies recommend that you have your jewelry taxation reports updated every two or three years

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Recommendations in case of loss, stolen or damaged goods 

How much cost an Appraisal for diamonds jewelry? 
Appraisal, quotation, expertise, valuation, taxation and Expert Opinion for diamonds, jewelry and gems 
by International accredited graders for insurance, heritage 
and other purposes such as stolen, damaged, loss is an absolute must!
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