Avoid Overpaying Engagement Ring

How to Avoid Paying Too Much? How to avoid Overpaying for your diamond engagement ring?

Different ways to avoid Overpaying:

– buy your diamonds loose.
do not compare prices at online sellers.

– consult only trustable source of official diamond prices such as Rapaport and Ajediam.
The Rapaport Price List is the primary source of diamond prices and diamond market information.

– get your personal, customized ring creation and setting in 18K white, yellow, pink gold for free

What is a Tender?

It looks like soft sales but it is not!

The Tender is a blind auction where no one knows what other dealers are offering.
Everyone wants to win, but no one wants to “overpay,”
So it requires a delicate balance.

How to avoid overpaying?
To avoid overpaying with a Tender I use a simple trick:
Do not offer an estimated highest price!

Do mention: “*I always offer 500 $ more than the highest bidder”

*The amount you will offer can differ. It is up to your feeling.

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