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The Kazanjian Red Diamond – A Rarity Among The Rarest Of Diamonds

Diamonds come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, just as the stories behind them do. However, red diamonds are the rarest. Less than 30 of them have ever been found, and only three of them weigh more than 5 carats. With its 5.05 carat weight, the Kazanjian Red Diamond is the second largest […]

The Jonker Diamond – The First World-Famous Diamond That Toured The US

Discovered in 1905 by Johannes Jacobus Jonker, the Jonker diamond’s colorless shine and near-perfect clarity turned it into the most coveted thing on earth overnight. At the time of its discovery, the stone was the fourth largest rough diamond of gem quality ever found. The Jonker’s clean, colorless shine and near-perfect clarity turned it into […]

The Cullinan Diamond – The Giant King Among Diamonds

In a diamond mine in Pretoria, South Africa, the largest ever rough diamond of gem quality was found. The stone’s color, clarity, and most of all, its size, have captivated millions of spectators around the world. The diamond was gifted to the most powerful sovereign at the time, Edward VII, the king of Great Britain. […]

The Taylor-Burton Diamond – The One That Mesmerized All Of Hollywood

The Taylor-Burton Diamond adorned the stunning l Elizabeth Taylor for many years. Soon after its discovery, the gemstone began attracting the attention of the industry’s watchful titans. As it is customary for those seeking a spot in the spotlight or to head into the headlines, the stone quickly made its way to New York. Industry […]

The Star of South Africa Diamond – The Eureka Diamond’s Descendant

The Star of South Africa Diamond has been an important stepping-stone for the rise of South Africa in the diamond mining world. After the Eureka Diamond was unearthed, The diamond industry set its sights on South Africa and it was determined to find out whether or not the country would become the next big player […]

The Sancy Diamond – The Cursed French Crown Jewel

The Sancy Diamond is believed to have started as the legendary Balle de Flandres – a historical diamond that weighed around 100 carats! The Sancy has been traced throughout history for around 500 years in which it has passed through many hands and over 15 countries. There are many legends associated with it such as […]

The Regent Diamond – The Cursed Diamond In Napoleon’s Sword Guard

The Regent Diamond has resided in the Louvre for many years now and was part of the French Royal collection. And even though when you think of the Regent, you think of France, the stone originated in India! It has a long and bloody history and some say that a curse has been laid upon […]

The Premier Rose Diamond – The Cullinan Diamond’s Younger Cousin

The Premier Rose Diamond is a relatively recent find in the gemstone world. The magnificent gemstone comes from the same mines where the legendary Cullinan Diamond was unearthed. Though not close to the Cullinan’s size, the Premier Rose Diamond was a whopping 353.9 carats in its rough form! The mine hid the news of the […]

The Koh-i-Noor – Murder, Mystery, and Colonialism

The Koh-I-Noor is one of the most famous diamonds in the world. Its origin myths have elevated its notoriety to the status of legend. Dozens of rulers across four countries have possessed it during its history, dating back millennia. Interestingly enough, most of its proprietors were ultimately plagued by controversy and met violent deaths, making […]

The Kimberley Diamond – Miracle Legacy of South Africa

The town of Kimberley is one of the cornerstones of diamond mining history in South Africa. The discovery of the impressive Kimberley diamond was brought on by the discovery of the Eureka Diamond, which in turn, started the Diamond Rush in the nation and turned its economy around. There are many sites where people dug […]