Diamond Solitaire Platinum Ring

Good to know… 99 percent of all polished diamonds, traded and sold annually in the world, are below 0.30 Carat

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Pure nickel-free Platinum 950
Setting for a Timeless platinum solitaire ring
Hand crafted, prong setting 4 or 6 prongs

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Platinum is the most noble precious metal

It is extremely rare on earth. Platinum’s resistance to wear and tarnish is well suited for making fine jewelry. The metal has an excellent resistance to corrosion and high temperature.

The specific gravity of platinum is 21.45 gram/cm3 (The specific gravity of gold is 19.33 gram/cm3)

Platinum melts only at 1772 degrees Celsius. That makes it very difficult to process to create jewelry. For the melting of platinum special equipment and oxygen is needed.
Rare are goldsmiths who can process up to platinum jewelry!

Platinum is very pleasant to wear – kind to the skin – anti-corrosive and anti-allergic (hypoallergenic) The color of platinum is soft brilliant white. A platinum jewelry as a gift is a rarity. The price of platinum jewelry is 2 to 3 times higher than that of gold.

The production of platinum in the world is less than 195 tons a year.
More than 80% of the world production is mined in South Africa and Russia. Platinum is out of nickel ore as product won. It is important to nickel-free platinum stamped ‘900 ‘for jewelry.

The price of platinum is listed under precious metals and varies depending on the rate of the day.

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