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The best Diamond Certificates from grading Laboratories in the World.
Grading charts, standards from different International Gemological Institutes, Laboratories: GIA, HRD, IGI, AGS  or Forevermark from De Beers?

What are the best and How to Avoid fake Certificates?

GIA and State controlled ISO 17025 HRD, from the Diamond High Council is in our opinion the safest certification.

HRD diamond Certification is often preferred, considered the best diamond certification, delivered from the State,  a non profit organization. Grading is an opinion, not a scientific mathematic measurement.

The word ‘certificate’ is not right actually. Grading report is actual.
Institutes have their occasional strange opinions / misjudgments.

How to avoid fake certificates, learn more about…
Control the seal of the secured case.
Broken or opened seal do not give you the guarantee that the correct diamond is in.
How to distinct fake diamonds from real

Laser engraved inscription on diamonds prevent switch, steeling, disappearance, loss, theft.
View laser inscribed diamond image

Sealed HRD diamond in a transparent secured case.


Which is best Diamond Certificate?

The Diamond High Council, HRD, is the world’s foremost authority in gemology and famous in diamond grading education

diamond Certificates are considered the best diamond certification, coming from the Diamond High Council, a non profit organization State controlled ISO 17025 HRD The abbreviation HRD stands for  “Hoge Raad voor Diamant”
Translated in English it is  “Diamond High Council” DHC
In Antwerp World Diamond Center / Europe, independent IGI and state controlled HRD are more usual institutes for grading, also mainly used for our diamonds

GIA  is a USA based grading institute of the Mouawad diamond family conglomerate! preferred in the USA

IGI, GIA, EGL, AGS and other diamond laboratories are commercial companies.

The HRD Diamond Certificates have become an essential part of the diamond trade. Originally, diamond certificates were mainly required by professionals, but in recent years consumer demand is growing steadily too.

After all, buying a diamond is something special. Each diamond has its own personality; it is a unique work of art, made partially by nature and by human hand.

To fully appreciate a stone, information is needed and this can be found in a diamond certificate.

A certificate is of course only useful if it is reliable. The HRD certificate enjoys an excellent reputation for objectivity / quality. The objectivity of the grading results is guaranteed by preserving the strictest anonymity.

When a diamond is brought in for examination at the reception of the Certificates Department, all data are introduced into the computer.

The stone then receives two numbers: an external number for use of the client, which is printed on the receipt note, and an internal number to follow the stone in the lab.

The graders who perform the examination never know to whom a stone belongs, which is a guarantee of absolute objectivity.
Where the quality is a concerned, all possible efforts are made.

The main factor in grading a diamond remains the diamond expert, in other words the grader.
The HRD Certificates Department pays much attention in training new graders: only after six months of intensive theoretical and practical training a new employee is actually integrated in the certification process.

Each diamond is examined by several graders, so that the opinion of the less practiced persons can be compared to that of experts with years of experience. In this way, the grading results mentioned in the certificate always reflect the judgement of several graders, thus ensuring a high level of reliability.

The laboratory where the examinations take place is equipped with very sophisticated machinery, such as spectrophotometers, Dimension systems, cathode luminescence apparatus,…
The graders all work with a special diamond microscope. Originally, the HRD Certificates Department mainly designed and manufactured microscopes for its own use, starting from its extensive practical know-how in diamond grading.

The HRD microscopes, standard equipped with a built-in illumination and ingenious gem manipulator with a vacuum system, are very valuable tools in diamond grading.

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