Laser Inscription Diamonds

Laser inscription on diamonds

Girdle laser inscription secured registered diamonds. Girdle laser engraved inscription on diamonds protect, prevent, switch, steeling, disappearance, loss, theft. Ajediam delivers all loose diamonds with sealed International diamond certificate

Girdle laser registered, secured diamond:

Laser engraved inscription on diamonds prevent switch, steeling, disappearance, loss, theft.
Ajediam delivers now with  International diamond certificate

Laser inscription cannot be seen by naked eye, only with a minimum magnifying loupe 15 x.
It does not affect the diamonds physical appearance or value.

It will also be helpful in finding where diamonds, especially laser inscribed are currently located. If a diamond is switched, stolen or lost, Ajediam coordinate’s with law enforcement to track a registered diamond before data is compromised.

What we share:
Only the specifications of your diamond, diamonds and diamond jewelry with images? if provided.
Laser inscribed diamonds prevent steeling and facilitate tracing and recovery lost and stolen diamonds.

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Girdle laser secured diamond – image