Lost Diamonds

Guide to recover lost diamonds and Jewelry Insurance to protect, prevent against switch, steeling, disappearance, loss, theft.

Ajediam delivers all diamonds with International diamond certificate
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Guide for diamonds and Jewelry Insurance

Get first of all an official appraisal, valuation by Experts from Ajediam

Are insurances covering all risks including mysterious disappearance, loss by negligence, theft, damage events, fire and other perils just like flood, earthquake, unattended vehicle, normal wear and tear.

Some Insurance companies accept a risk to insure your jewelry under certain conditions.

We recommend the Lloyd’s of London insurance company, created in 1769 is world’s largest and oldest insurance underwriting organization.

1. Make photographs of your jewelry and keep it on a safe place not in front of your jewelry.

2. Don’t inflate the appraisal / valuation of your diamonds and jewelry! You will only pay a higher premium.
Your insurance company will only pay the cost to replace.

3. Read your policy. Make sure you understand what will happen in the event of a loss. Homeowner’s policies almost always do insure your jewelry.
You must declare with a clear description and a fair value.

Ask for a laser inscribed diamond to prevent stealing

What we will do to help you:

Our goal is to help you to replace advantageous your lost, stolen diamonds
and diamond jewelry.

Examples of resolved problems:
Dear Jan,
Firstly may I just take this opportunity to thank you very much indeed for your rapid response to this matter, together with the time and effort you have dedicated
in trying to locate this lost/stolen ring. I very much appreciated your thoroughness
in this regard, and your respect and consideration for your client (namely me). It has all been very annoying and frustrating of course, and I very much welcome the generous solution you have proposed. Many thanks.
Alan McPherson Madrid Spain

Dear Jan, Just a short note to confirm I have my ring back. Tony in Ascot fitted the new stone and did a very good job. So all is fine. Thanks for your support and hope you are having a good holiday. Please thank Maurice and Charles for their prompt service.Kind regards,
Caroline UK Email: caroline.woods@veldhovengroup.com

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