Create your own Perfect Monogram Diamond Pins and Flap-brooches
Buy personalized Monogram diamond pins Wholesale at Ajediam Antwerp
Monogram personalized design 
diamond pins,
in 18K white or yellow gold 4 gram

The monogram pins contains
0.15 carat round brilliant diamond
Color: Exceptional white + (D)
Clarity: Loupe Clean (IF)

secure clasp for expensive pins 
Monogram diamond pins 
ideally to be fixed 
on the jacket
monogram personalized design diamond pins image
monogram design diamond Monogram Flap-brooch pins
monogram alphabet + diamonds
Monogram diamond Flap-brooch, pendant and pin
We customize all letters of the alphabet
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Antwerp World Diamond Centre, Diamond Exchange, Hoveniersstraat 2, Antwerp / Belgium / Europe
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analysis of your needs
analysis of your needs