What would you give to own color tinted diamonds, believed to be the rarest and most expensive diamonds in the world?
Gem dealers, gem collectors, gem fanatics - here's your the color scale, chance to make a harvest of canary yellow, Champaign, Champagne, 
Cognac, pink, black, blue and more beautiful rainbow colors, expensive natural colored and cheap enhanced diamonds at Ajediam.
Top-quality natural fancy colored diamonds, which have been certified by prestigious International laboratories are here for bidding.
If you believe you are rich enough to purchase an outstanding fancy color diamond, you are welcome!
Antwerp is World's Largest Diamond Trade Center with a yearly turnover of more than 58,8 billion US $
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yellow diamonds grading chart
Intense Purplish Pink
orange diamond grading chart
cognac diamonds grading
Champaign Champagne
champaign, Champagne diamonds grading
Chocolate - Brown
Green - lime
black diamonds grading chart
canary diamond grading chart
Canary yellow
 pink diamond grading chart
pink diamonds grading
blue diamonds chart
fancy vivid intense blue blue diamond chart
intense blue
red diamonds grading
green lime diamonds grading chart
Chocolate Brown diamonds grading chart
Actual Fancy Color diamond grading chart  
Pink | Canary | Yellow | Red | Champaign | Cognac | Orange |  Blue | Chocolate | Green | Black | Grey or Gray and more

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Natural fancy intense tinted, colored diamonds are 200.000 times more rare and expensive than white diamonds! 
Impressive to know that the annual World production of white diamonds of  Exceptional White + D color LC/IF is all together only a few 900 Carats!
This emphasizes the extreme rareness of natural colored diamonds. Only one very light to light colored diamond is found for every 10.000 colorless ones.
Most colored diamonds have milky 
color, heavy inclusions, imperfections, piques and they are mostly cloudy like on this picture.
Most colored diamonds have milky color, heavy piqués and are cloudy
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More than 80% of all colored diamonds are yellowish. Most colored diamonds have milky color, heavy piqués and are cloudy - View image
To keep the color intense, even and good distributed, a diamond needs volume, mass!
Therefore we recommend Cushion, Radiant, Pear, Heart, Oval or Asscher shapes in colored diamonds to improve its color!
A flat or pointed cut diamond will loss most of its color. The color will be cut off! Don't ask for a Princess or Trillion shaped fancy colored diamond.
You will not find or, if you will find, the color will disappoint! 
Most of the larger fancy vivid colored diamonds, over one carat, found in colors such as blue, red, cognac, orange, pink and green are treated or synthetic. Fancy color diamond prices
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