Rough and Mining

Understand the processes of extracting and manufacturing diamonds.

Embark on a captivating adventure into the world of rough and mining diamonds, from extraction and manufacturing to exploring the fascinating journey of rough diamonds from the depths of the earth to their stunning transformation into polished gems. Discover the thrilling world of mining techniques, venture into the locations of major diamond mines, and uncover the ethical considerations surrounding diamond production. Immerse yourself in this extraordinary tale and deepen your appreciation for the mesmerizing gemstones that light up our lives.

Understanding the diamond trade, especially when exporting rough diamonds to the Antwerp market, necessitates thorough knowledge and meticulous attention to detail. At Ajediam, we recognize the challenges associated with diamond export and the need for clear guidance. This article serves as a comprehensive guide, addressing key areas from visa procedures, legal mandates, and Kimberley Certificates...

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Exporting Rough Diamonds
rough diamonds

Unlocking the Secrets of Assessing the Value of Rough Diamonds This page is dedicated to elucidating the evaluation methods for larger rough diamonds. However, please bear in mind that this page merely serves as an introduction to the practices on the rough diamond market. It is strongly discouraged to purchase rough diamonds without sufficient training...

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Evaluating Rough Diamonds

Natural Rough, raw, uncut diamond trading companies based in Antwerp, the World Centre. How much tons kimberlite rocks must be unearthed to find one carat rough diamond? read more about here.Buy rough diamonds in parcels for a minimum amount of US$ 25,000 at Ajediam, Supplier, Import - Export - Rough diamond prices Mysterious Rough DiamondsEmergence...

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Rough Diamonds

Canada Diamonds at Trade Price. Diamonds have a special place in the heart of Canada - Alaska where rough diamonds are found. The rough Canada diamonds are exported to Antwerp, World Diamond Centre where skilled artists have proven their expertise in ideal cut diamonds for generations. Buy Tax Free at Trade Price About Canada diamonds...

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Canada Diamonds