About Ajediam

Step inside the world of Ajediam – discover our enterprise.

Delve into the world of Ajediam, where our industry professionals bring deep knowledge and transparency to the diamond and fine jewelry experience. Meet the people behind our business, and learn about our unwavering commitment to providing the highest level of service. In this section, you’ll discover our exceptional team, services, and guarantees, and understand why we strive to earn your trust through unmatched expertise and dedication.

At Ajediam we want our clients to feel confident about their purchases. We strive to improve every bit of our operations to create a product and service our team and our clients can be proud of and happy about. Do not hesitate to send us your questions or concerns. Ajediam’s Conflict-Free Diamond Policy Ajediam is […]

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Sustainability at Ajediam

Our new in-house Antwerp Ateliers are located within our offices at Hoveniersstraat 19, in the heart of the Antwerp diamond district, just opposite the AWDC buildings and HRD labs. We welcome professional and private requests. Please find below our list of jewelry services and capabilities. Send us an email with any questions you may have […]

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Jewelry Atelier

How much cost an Appraisal for diamonds jewelry? Appraisal, quotation, expertise, valuation, taxation and Expert Opinion for diamonds, jewelry and gems by International accredited graders for insurance, heritage and other purposes such as stolen, damaged, loss is an absolute must! Description and Cost of a diamond and jewelry taxation Official written Expert opinion by accredited [...]

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Appraisal Diamonds Jewelry

How and where can I sell my diamonds? We sell your Diamonds at the best price on the Diamond Exchange Bourse. Selling, buying, exchange: Investing in diamonds requires a diamond selling expertise.  Read more about historical diamond prices. Ajediam offers a unique Lifetime Diamond Sell service on investment diamonds. What is the difference between Sell [...]

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Diamond Buyback

Ajediam – the Antwerp Jewels & Diamond Manufacturers, delivers incredible diamonds for smart buyers all around the world since 1986. A pioneer in servicing diamond jewelry online (first online launch in 2002), Ajediam delivers Antwerp’s hottest diamond deals, a wide range of most beautiful and sought-after diamond jewelry designs, exciting content revealing expert tips and […]

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The ideal partner for more serious diamond buyers

Ajediam is located in the heart of the diamond district. Our offices and atelier are on the first and second floor of the Belamco building at Hoveniersstraat 19, just opposite the AWDC and HRD laboratories.  You can get to us easily. Indeed, we are only a 2 minutes walk away from the central train station. […]

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Contact Ajediam

Where to buy best price quality diamonds low priced in Antwerp? Over 30 Years Excellence of Ajediam, famous diamond polishers, a great Brand Name in the diamond business. We prove it by facts and figures!  Trust is the paramount in our business Our mission...  make you feel happy for lifetime:-) Ajediam Ltd Diamond Company, Rough [...]

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25 Years Excellence Ajediam Famous Diamond Polishers

Join us “It does not matter how long one works in the diamond industry, the chance of one’s amazement for a beautiful diamond fading is close to zero. The diamond industry can seem mysterious, even unfathomable for an outsider. And contrary to what is often said, you do not need to be born into a […]

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The best jobs in the diamond and jewelry industry

In 2021, Ajediam joined the OnlyJewels ecosystem. Made up of five fine jewelry undertakings, Ajediam, OnlyJewels, Art & Jewels, OJ Studio, and Antwerp Ateliers, it connects customers to the most extraordinary jewels, bringing them outstanding quality and impeccable services.  Our customers are welcome in the comfortable Offices and Showrooms in the Diamond District as well […]

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Joining Efforts to Become The Jewelry Company of the Future

All diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry offered and sold by Ajediam are 100% genuine untreated natural diamonds with high-quality cuts. Unless expressly ordered by a client, we will not offer or sell treated or synthetic diamonds.  All our diamonds and colored gemstones are sold with a certificate from trusted and reputable laboratories, including GIA, SSEF, Güblin, […]

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Natural Diamond Warranty
Jan huts founder of Ajediam

Jan Huts, Founder of Ajediam in Antwerp, World Diamond Trade Centre Who was Jan Huts: Jan grew up in a small Flemish family jewelry factory in Antwerp. Antwerp is located in Dutch part of Belgium - Europe Jan's passion to create unique customized jewelry brought him to beauty by simplicity. That's what made him so [...]

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Jan Huts