Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Can I visit your office?

Absolutely! We would be delighted to welcome you to our office in Antwerp. Please let us know when you are available, and we can schedule a meeting.

Are you currently hiring?

We occasionally have open positions and appreciate your interest in joining our team. We encourage you to visit our career page for any job openings. Send us your CV and motivation letter even if we are not actively hiring. We always like to see new talent and will keep interesting profiles on hand for future hiring opportunities. Please note that we do require recommendations as part of our hiring process.

Do you buy diamonds?

Yes, we do buy diamonds, rough, polished, white, colored, small, big… We buy all types of diamonds if they meet our standards and criteria. Feel free to provide us with details about the quality of the diamond, documentation, certification, and a high-definition video with good lighting for a more accurate quote.

Do you buy jewelry?

Yes, we also purchase jewelry. Please bring your jewelry to our office, and our team will assess its value and make you an offer.

Do you sell diamond equipment and tools?

No, we specialize in diamonds and diamond jewelry, and we do not sell diamond equipment or tools. We do however show and write a lot about the equipment we like to use in our articles. You are welcome to read the articles or send us your questions for recommendations.

How do I know if the diamond is real or fake?

To determine if a diamond is real or fake, we recommend having it assessed by a professional gemologist. They can conduct tests and examinations to confirm its authenticity. At Ajediam we always welcome visitors if they want a jewel or diamond to be assessed.

Ajediam Diamonds

How do you price diamonds?

Our diamonds are priced based on current market value, in other words, wholesale prices. We provide price lists on our website to help compare the price of our diamonds with other companies. We also published a diamond price calculator that helps you compare the prices of different diamonds.

Can you provide a GIA certificate for my diamond?

Only GIA can provide a GIA report for a diamond. However, we can offer our expert opinion on the quality and current market value of the diamond during your visit. If you require a GIA report, we can accompany you in the process of having your diamond graded by GIA.

Can I invest in diamonds?

Yes, diamonds are considered a viable investment. It is important however to understand what type of investment it is how to compare it to other types of investment, know what expectations to have, and accordingly understand in which ways you should buy. We offer informative sessions on investing in diamonds and would be our pleasure to provide you with more details.

I would like to have a copy of the historical price of diamonds.

We will gladly email you a copy of our new historical price of diamonds analysis. Please note that the online page about historical prices will soon be updated, we are currently working on creating an interactive version of our website where such information will be provided. We will share this update with you once it is ready.

Ajediam Jewelry

I’m looking for a diamond or an engagement ring, what do you have?

You are welcome to visit our engagement ring page. We have many more options, including a bespoke, and made-to-measure jewelry creation service. To help us assist you better, please provide us with a style of ring and your budget.

What is the usual production and delivery time for a made-to-measure jewel at Ajediam?

Once the diamond has been chosen and the design for the jewelry confirmed, the creation of a bespoke piece usually takes up to 3 weeks. This timeframe may vary depending on the design process and any revisions requested. We provide fast and free shipping for orders within Europe, ensuring safe packaging and full insurance coverage.

I received a quote via email, what does the price include?

The price we quoted usually separates the cost of the main diamond and the jewelry setting. Our diamond price includes VAT and a complimentary gemological report. The price for the setting includes VAT, a 3D design of your jewelry with possible revisions, a beautiful packaging box, shipping and insurance costs for delivery within the EU, as well as a lifetime jewelry care guarantee.

What are the steps involved in ordering a made-to-measure jewel with Ajediam?

Ordering a custom-made jewel with Ajediam involves the following steps:

  • Provide your ring size and design directions for the setting.
  • Receive the invoice for your jewel, with 30% payment required upfront.
  • For rings, receive the 3D wax model via express delivery.
  • Approve the design and begin the casting process.
  • Complete stone setting and final polishing.
  • Submit the remaining payment for the invoice.
  • Receive your jewelry in a beautiful and secure packaging via insured delivery.

We follow up to ensure your order meets your expectations.

What are the return policies at Ajediam?

For ready-made jewels, you have the right to return unworn and undamaged items within 4 weeks as per EU regulation. However, if the jewelry is made-to-order or personalized, we cannot accept returns. We strive to ensure customer satisfaction and are open to discussing any necessary adjustments. Please refer to our full return policy for more details.

Ajediam Appraisals

What is the appraisal process for diamonds and diamond jewelry?

Our appraisal process involves evaluating your diamonds and diamond jewelry based on the images, certification documents, and other relevant information provided by you. We then offer an estimated market value and different sales options to help you decide the best course of action for selling your items.

How much does the appraisal service cost?

The appraisal service itself is provided free of charge. However, if you wish to opt for our resale services additional fees may apply for transportation, certification from a gemological laboratory, recutting and polishing, insurance, and commissions on sale, depending on the chosen sales option.

How do I send my images and documents for appraisal?

You can securely upload your images, documents, and high-definition videos using the designated upload feature on our appraisal page. We recommend providing clear, high-quality images and relevant documents for accurate appraisal results.

How long does it take to receive the appraisal results?

We strive to provide appraisal results as quickly as possible. Typically, you can expect to receive your results within a few business days. However, the turnaround time may vary depending on the complexity of the evaluation and the volume of requests.

Can I sell my diamonds and diamond jewelry without a certificate?

Yes, you can still sell your items without a certificate. However, obtaining a certificate from a reputable organization like GIA will help enhance the value and credibility of your diamonds and diamond jewelry. In case of no certificate, we offer appraisal services in person for vintage, special pieces, or items with missing information.

What sales options do you offer?

We offer four sales options: immediate resale for a competitive market value, recutting and repolishing, auction or online sale, and showcasing the item in our showroom and website for private clients. The choice of the sales option depends on your preferences and circumstances, such as the urgency to sell, the item’s value, and its potential for improvement.

How do I contact you if I have more questions?

You can contact us via the live chat on or by using the contact information provided on our website. We are always happy to help and answer any questions you may have.

Is my information secure when using your appraisal services?

We take data privacy and security very seriously. We implement industry-standard security measures to protect your information and ensure the safe and secure transmission of your data during the appraisal process. For more details, please refer to our privacy policy.


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