Diamond Trading

The essential knowledge to understand the international diamond trade.

Gain invaluable insights into the world of international diamond trade with our comprehensive guide. Explore the dynamics of this complex and fascinating industry, from global trading centres and major players to the regulatory frameworks that govern transactions. Understand the factors that influence diamond prices, market trends, and trade negotiations. With our expert guidance, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the intricacies of diamond trading, globally, enhancing your appreciation for these precious gemstones and their ever-evolving market.

Understanding the International Regulation of the Diamonds Industry and its Potential Influence on Global Extractive Industries The diamond industry has always been shrouded in an aura of allure and mystique, but beneath its glittering surface lie complex and pressing issues that most extractive industries are faced with. The Kimberley Process (KP), an international initiative launched...

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The Kimberley Process Certification

London Shopping Guide: Buy best quality / price at Ajediam in Antwerp World Diamond Trade CentreJermyn Street, Bond Street, Hatton Garden, Piccadilly... mall or Antwerp World Diamond Trade Centre. Where you can buy at best price - Buying guide at Wholesale, trade prices. Diamonds have a special place in the heart of London in Jermyn...

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London Diamond Centre

Reading all the reviews and the comments of ripped off customers buying, at the New York diamond district at 47th Street, I'm stunnig.The New York diamond district at 47th Street, is hosting more than 3,900 jewelers Paul Gian, GIA Diamonds Graduate, of comments are breathtaking: The New York Diamond District is a huge shark...

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New-York Diamond Prices

AWDC, Antwerp World Diamond Centre Antwerp remains the world’s largest and most important centre for the diamond trade since 1447. Ajediam is the brand name associated with excellence... Over 570 years of Heritage has been making Ajediam the best in Art of Cutting & Polishing diamonds of EX EX EX Hearts & Arrows Trust is...

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Antwerp Diamonds

Directory of International Diamond Centres and Exchange Bourses in the World Antwerp is since 13th century the International Diamond Centre and by virtue of it, the World Diamond CentreAntwerp is World's #1 largest International Diamond Exchange, Bourse and Trade Center with a yearly turnover of more than 58,8 billion US $ Antwerp is located in...

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International Diamond Center

How to find best place to buy Diamonds In Dubai?All diamonds sold in Dubai have their origin in Antwerp, the World Trade Diamond Centre since 1447 Best buy at AjediamFind the best price/quality diamonds with lifetime sell back guarantee in Antwerp, World Diamond Trade Centre since 1447. Buy Tax Free and become a starting professional...

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Dubai Diamonds Prices