Differentiate genuine diamonds from imitations and fakes.

Navigate the complex world of diamond identification with our comprehensive guide. This section is dedicated to helping you differentiate genuine diamonds from imitations and fakes, covering the various methods, tools, and even laboratory techniques employed by experts. Gain insight into the physical principles that govern diamond properties, and learn how to confidently assess the authenticity of these precious gemstones, ensuring you always make well-informed decisions.

Laser-inscribed diamondsGirdle laser-inscribed secures registered diamonds. Girdle laser engraved inscription on diamonds protects, and prevents switches, stealing, disappears, losses, and theft. Ajediam delivers all loose diamonds with sealed International diamond certificateGirdle laser engraved inscription, registered - image Girdle laser-inscribed diamond registered, secured: Laser-engraved inscription on diamonds prevents switch, stealing, disappearance, loss, and theft. Ajediam delivers...

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Safety of Laser-Inscribed Diamonds

The diamond trade uniquely combines science and art. One side of the industry focuses on effective presentation, storytelling, and persuasion. The other side relies on science, facts, and precision. Both sides have to solve different problems and require specific tools to handle them. Naturally, there is a great difference between the toolkit of the home...

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Top 10 Diamond Grading Tools

How to know the Specific Gravity, Density, harness, refraction - all specifications and characteristics of gems? Find out on this table of natural Precious Stones. The four precious stones: are Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald - The other minerals: are Moissanite, Agate, Alexandrite, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Cat's Eye, Citrine, Garnet, Jade, Lapis Lazuli, Moissanite, Moonstone, Onyx, Opal,...

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Specific Gravity Density Hardness Weight Precious Stones Minerals
The Best Diamond Grading Schools

Ajediam's pick for the best classes around the world Do you want to enjoy the microscopic world of diamonds with the eyes of a professional? The beauty of gemstones naturally draws many aesthetic lovers. Observing their beauty is enough for some. Others, however, may wish to make a living out of it. The diamond trade may...

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The 3 Best Diamond Grading Schools
GIA, Gemological Institute of America, Gemstones and Diamond Grading Labs

The Gemological Institute of America, GIA, diamond testing laboratory; a third-party review. In the diamond trade, nothing is left to chance. Hundreds of third-party laboratories issue diamond certificates that guarantee the specific qualities of any stone.   However, not all certificates are made equal. Those that come from more reputable laboratories can have a positive effect...

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Gemological Institute of America

How can I be sure that a GIA certificate is authentic? Verify authenticity of Diamond certificates - Detect fake diamond grading certificates onlineVerify authentic, genuine Diamond Certificates HRD - IGI - GIA statement of the diamond identity and grade, including all relevant information Check Diamond grading reports authenticity online HRD - Diamond High Council is...

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Authentic Diamond Certificates Images

How to Detect Fake from Real Diamonds Online?​ Identify now online here! Identify real, natural, untreated diamonds from false, simulants, moissanite, counterfeit, CZ, zircons, cultured, synthetic, man-made, treated, doublets, crystal, glass and all dirty tricks. Recognize imitation, replica, and spot fake. Avoid fraud in polished and rough. Read about bad shopping experience First rule to...

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Fake or Real Diamonds Test Detect Difference

What kind of certification for your diamonds? What are the guarantees? 1. Internationally graded certified diamonds by International Diamond laboratories: GIA, HRD and IGI 2. The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) (only required for import of rough diamonds) The process by which diamond origin could be certified. In May 2000, diamond-producing countries of southern Africa...

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Guarantees of Certified Diamonds

How reliable are diamond testers? Find out and differentiate diamonds from coated, HPHT, simulants, moissanite, CZ, zircons, Lab-grown, and synthetic. Diamond Testers for polished and rough, raw, uncut diamonds: How reliable are they?Are conventional/traditional diamond testers reliable? How to know and how to avoid fake diamond testing Fake or real diamonds: detect onlineDiamond Testers: How...

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Diamond Tester