Price List for Synthetic Diamonds

Our synthetic diamond price list mirrors the average Antwerp market prices. This pricing model provides an accurate guide for private buyers, ensuring that they have proper references for buying their lab-grown diamonds.

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Prices per carat (not per stone) for colors D E F

Carat Weight MM Size VVS - VS VS - SI
0.001 - 0.008 0.80 - 1.25 417$ 351$
0.009 - 0.025 1.25 - 1.80 252$ 191$
0.025 - 0.077 1.80 - 2.70 266$ 212$
0.078 - 0.12 2.70 - 3.30 363$ 258$
0.13 - 0.17 3.30 - 3.70 417$ 330$
0.18 - 0.22 3.70 - 4.00 393$ 303$
0.23 - 0.29 4.00 - 4.20 393$ 303$
0.30 - 0.37 4.20 - 4.60 393$ 303$
0.38 - 0.46 4.60 - 5.00 363$ 303$
0.47 - 0.69 5.00 - 5.80 442$ 348$
0.70 - 0.89 5.80 - 6.30 454$ 348$
0.90 - 0.99 6.30 - 6.50 484$ 409$
1.00 - 1.50 6.50 - 7.40 687$ 530$
1.50 - 2.00 7.25 - 8.00 817$ 590$
2.00 UP 8.00 UP 1 210$ 877$

Purchasing in larger quantities can lead to greater discounts.

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Lab-Grown Diamond Price List

Understanding Synthetic Diamonds and their prices in our price list

Lab-grown diamonds, man-made diamonds, and synthetic diamonds are terms used interchangeably to describe diamonds produced in a laboratory environment. These diamonds share the same physical, chemical, and optical characteristics as natural diamonds - the only difference lies in their origin.

In the diamond industry, misconceptions can often cloud the true value of synthetic diamonds. Some brands inflate their synthetic diamond prices to maximize margins. At Ajediam, we strive to cut through these misconceptions, providing our customers with clear, transparent pricing.

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Why Are Synthetic Diamonds More Affordable?

Synthetic diamonds are more affordable than natural diamonds due to differences in rarity and production cost. Natural diamonds are far rarer and their extraction process is more labor-intensive, driving up their price. Conversely, synthetic diamonds can be produced more quickly and in larger quantities, lowering their cost.

A Word on Sustainability

Many brands emphasize lab-grown diamonds as a more ethical choice compared to natural diamonds. At Ajediam, we see this issue in a broader context. The natural diamond industry significantly contributes to the economies of many countries, supporting not only the affluent population but also the lower classes.

This said the matter of environmental impact is crucial when discussing natural and synthetic diamonds. While it's true that the high-pressure, high-temperature process for creating synthetic diamonds requires substantial energy and should not be called a “green” alternative to mined diamonds, the overall environmental footprint is less than that of the traditional mining process for natural diamonds.

In both regards, the sustainability aspect is more complex than it might initially appear.

Ajediam Your trusted partner for all Diamond Needs

While our specialty lies in natural diamonds, we recognize the increasing demand for synthetic diamonds. At Ajediam, any jewel seen on our website can be custom made with lab-grown diamonds upon request. Additionally, we offer bespoke pieces, and custom-cut diamonds, tailored to our clients' unique requirements.

However, it's important to note that not all lab-grown diamonds are created equal. Many on the market have strong graining, milkiness, or other color impurities. At Ajediam, we select only top-quality lab-grown diamonds for our clients, ensuring a product that will truly delight.

At Ajediam, we aim to empower you with the knowledge and confidence to make the best diamond purchase for your needs and budget. Whether you're interested in natural diamonds or their synthetic counterparts, our goal is to provide fair prices, exceptional service, and a wide range of options.