Treated & Synthetics

How diamonds can be enhanced or created in a lab

Venture into the realm of treated and synthetic diamonds. Gain insight into the enhancement techniques applied to natural diamonds, as well as the methods behind lab-grown diamond creation. Learn how to distinguish between natural, treated, and synthetic diamonds to ensure you make well-informed decisions. With our expert guidance, stay up to date about the nuances of the diamond industry, and make educated choices when it comes to these captivating gemstones.

Understand Lab-Grown Man-Made Synthetic Diamonds

How to recognize Lab Grown, Man-made, synthetics from natural diamonds? A lot of questions will come in mind: - How to tell the difference and for what use are synthetic diamonds OK? - How to recognize for sure a natural diamond from a Lab-grown? The answer is: Blue white fluorescent diamonds exist only in natural. [...]

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Man Made Lab Grown Diamonds

HPHT treated Diamonds Information and prices about HP-HT processed diamonds of type 2A Some natural brown diamonds can be artificially treated by High Temperature (HT) and High Pressure (HP) to improve its color from brown into white. This can no more be considered as a natural diamond! Diamonds type 2a, are suitable for this color [...]

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HP-HT Treatment Diamonds