Diamond History

Discover history through the lense of a diamantaire.

Embark on a captivating journey through time with our Diamond History section, where we explore the fascinating stories of diamonds and the evolution of our industry. Uncover the remarkable tales of these precious gemstones, and learn about the significant events and milestones that have shaped the world of diamonds. From ancient origins to modern innovation, this historical narrative offers a unique perspective on the enduring allure of these extraordinary treasures.

art river amsterdam

Nowadays, when you think about where to buy your diamond, you might think of Antwerp. But did you know the Diamond Capital of the world was once Amsterdam? For over 300 years the Dutch capital was the home of renowned diamond masters and traders. These diamond masters were for the most part Sephardic Jews who...

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Interesting Rise And Decline Of The Amsterdam Diamond Market

What are Conflict diamonds and blood diamonds ?We explain First of all we guarantee that all Ajediam's diamonds are conflict-free, Kimberley Process Certified History of Antwerp diamonds since the beginning Conflict diamonds are diamonds coming from regions in Africa where diamonds are sold on the black market to make money to bandits to buy arms...

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Blood Diamonds

A dazzling showcase of history's most exquisite and storied diamonds. Step into a world of intrigue and opulence as we present the most famous diamonds in history. From their mesmerizing beauty to the captivating stories of their owners, these legendary gemstones have captured the imaginations of generations. In this dazzling showcase, explore the tales of...

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Famous Diamonds

How to find out Meanings and Properties of Precious Stones? Find most common metaphysical symbolism, healing properties, powers, spiritual meanings and the astrological sign of Precious Stones and Crystals Diamond, the emperor of the precious stones The symbol of happiness, success, splendor and perfection Emerald, the eternal youth The symbol of eternal youth, creativity, power...

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Symbols Of The Precious Stones