Diamond Sizes on Hand Finger Ring

How many carats is my diamond, how big must be my diamond ring?

View diamond sizes on hand, finger and ring in full size.
Find the right size for your engagement ring.
Adjust, match in full size the diamond on your hand and ring on finger. Printable Images

Good to know… 99 percent of all polished diamonds, traded and sold annually in the world, are below 0.30 Carat

To match and adjust click on the images of the hand icons.

0.25 carat         


0.33 carat         


0.50 carat         


0.65 carat         


0.75 carat         

0.85 carat         


1.00 carat         


1.25 carat         


1.50 carat         


1.75 carat         


2.00 carat         


2.25 carat         


2.50 carat         


3.00 carat         


4.00 carat         


5.00 carat         


6.00 carat         


7.00 carat         


8.00 carat         


10.00 carat         


15.00 carat