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Pearls Diamond Jewelry...

The combination of the softness of pearls and the brilliance of diamonds is unique
High quality salt water ocean pearls
All jewelry will be custom made on special order.

Toi & Moi – You & Me
Pearl diamonds engagement ring
2 fine salt water pearls + 0.08 Carat round brilliant diamonds of the finest quality.
Realized in 5.31 gram brushed white gold 18K.

Perfect Pearls Diamond Rings

to ware at any occasion, customized at wholesale price.
Select your Pearls diamond engagement ring from a large choice of finest settings, choose your pearls and diamonds
and create your own perfect Pearls diamond engagement ring.

Shown rings are custom made
Choose your diamonds first and Diamond Size than you choose your setting in white, yellow or pink gold 18K or in pure Platinum

Shop in our jewelry in Antwerp World Diamond Centre.
Please Note! Entrance for Invites only.
For your invitation send an Email or call + 32 3 808 72 02

Fresh salt sea water genuine Akoya Pearl Engagement Ring,
2 band diamonds of the finest quality

Ref R289.2 – Email 
indicate ring size please

Natural white Salt Sea Pearls diamond Studs
Ref. R692


Snake Chain Chandelier Pearls, diamond drop Earrings

White fresh salt sea pearls of 10 mm.
Cluster setting
34 round brilliant diamonds 0.50 carat TCW Color: Rare White (G)
Clarity: Loupe Clean (VS)
Ref. R692 – Email 

Natural Black pearl Circle diamond pendant,

Pearl inside circle
Ref R101 – Email 

Black natural pearl Creole diamond earrings

Ref R618

Set of Genuine Black Tahiti pearls diamonds earrings and necklace

Genine black Tahiti pearls, D Loupe Clean diamonds and Ruby
Custom handmade

Art Deco salt sea pearls heart brooch handmade on special order

This brooch has 3 natural blue sapphires 0.09 ct
15 round brilliants 0.30 carat
Color: Rare White (G) Clarity: Loupe Clean (VS1)
13 nice white salt sea pearls
Setting in 18K yellow gold.

Do you have a personal pearl diamond jewelry in mind?

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