Compare Diamond Qualities

Learn to compare diamond qualities and make the best choice for you.

Master the art of diamond comparison with our expert guidance, designed to help you make the best choice for your unique needs and preferences. Understand the nuances of diamond grading, the importance of the 4 Cs, and other factors that impact a diamond’s beauty and value. Learn how to assess and compare diamonds based on their characteristics, empowering you to make well-informed decisions and select the perfect diamond for your needs.

What is good and bad fluorescence and what is the influence on the color and clarity? What are milky diamonds? How GIA grades the fluorescence and milky. What are mysterious Blue-White Diamonds. Registered Brand Name explained here. ​How to recognize readily a real unearthed natural diamond? The answer is simple: Only natural diamonds can be...

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Fluorescence Blue White Diamonds

How to perform price comparisons of diamonds? How is diamond price determined....How diamond cost and sales prices are calculated? You will find here. Diamond prices are set by quality factors. Find all possible combinations of GIA and HRD criteria influencing the value. Your universal guide to set the price.Determine the exact value by quality variations...

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Quality Variations Chart

What is most important cut, clarity, color, size or weight? Clarity is least important and most expensive of the 4Cs.How to find Diamond Brooches in white or yellow gold 18K? Find here the first of Diamond Brooches, Flower bouquet design.This Diamond Clarity Grading Chart shows what is important or irrelevant. Pay less for more! Clarity...

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Diamond Clarity

How are looking different types of inclusions in diamonds?Are you wondering how inclusions look like? View magnified pictures how are looking impurities on this actual clarity grading chart shown by microscope and by importance of flaws GIA defined and Identified by different blemishes on images magnified X 100 by microscope. Recognize the visual impact and...

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Diamond Clarity Grading Chart

How are looking Diamond Colors in Real? Look how Diamond Colors are in Real photos / pictures for D E F G H I J K L M N O P R S Z colorsDiamond color grading chart according to GIA standards. Actual colors on scale D to Z for White to Yellowish Diamonds. Presence...

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Diamond Colors

Hearts & Arrows Cut explained Above supreme Triple Excellent Grade on Cut - Polish - Symmetry, Ideal Cut, it exist Hearts & Arrows. H&A must have perfect symmetry of the facets and particular lengths of the lower girdle facets, providing the maximum brilliance to the diamond! Named SUPER IDEAL CUT! Hearts and Arrows, H&A pattern...

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Hearts And Arrows

What are the Perfect Diamond Cut proportions to maximize Sparkle?Since cut is such a major topic in the diamond selection process it is estimated that 98% of the round diamonds are of lower cut quality. Why? A diamond’s price is most significantly affect and calculated by carat weight. Cutters, polishers maximize carat weight instead of...

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Diamond Cut Chart

Why you should only buy Triple Excellent, Hearts & Arrows Super Ideal Cut Diamonds? Why are Hearts & Arrows Super Ideal Cut Diamonds Worth a price premium? 76% Loss of rough diamond by Super Ideal Cut, Triple EX, H&A Only a few skilled expert cutters are able to realise the excellent cut Few rough diamonds...

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Ideal Cut Diamonds