Jewelry Care & Cleaning
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Jewelry care and cleaning for platinum, gold and silver jewelry, diamonds, rubies emeralds and sapphires:

Every day: 
Washing hands with soap, add your jewelry washing, brush and rinse in tepid water, dry and polish with soft tissue.

Every month:
Boil one minute in water with liquid dishwashing soap,

Brush with tooth brush (no tooth paste!) all sides of the platinum, gold and silver jewelry,  diamonds, rubies and sapphires.

Boil again for 30 seconds, rinse in tepid water, dry and polish with soft tissue.
Do not boil green Emerald precious gem-stones ! 

Every six months:
Buy a good jewelry cleaner to clean.

Every year:
Professional cleaning and care by a jeweler is recommended !
Ask for our lifetime annual FREE maintenance and jewelry care service!

Jewelry Cleaner products and systems:
Buy jewelry cleaning supplies, ultrasonic jewelry cleaners, jewelers tools & gold testing equipment at cheap and affordable rates by a recommended jeweler

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