Fine Jewelry Technic

Fine Jewelry Technic: The art and secrets of fine jewelry making and maintenance.

Unveil the artistry and secrets behind fine jewelry making and maintenance in this illuminating section. Delve into the world of skilled craftsmanship, exploring the techniques and expertise required to create exquisite, timeless pieces. Learn about the various materials, settings, and styles that contribute to the beauty and durability of fine jewelry. Additionally, discover the best practices for maintaining your precious treasures, ensuring their lasting brilliance and elegance for years to come.

ajediam diamond jewelry maintenance

The beauty of diamonds captivates us. The brilliant shine of the dancing light inside them ensnares us. As if nature had engineered eternal perfection to remind us of our own momentary existence. Once a diamond jewel becomes a family possession it quickly becomes more than a mesmerizing mineral. It transforms into an embodiment of our...

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Jewelry Maintenance

Learn online about jewelry, gems, pearls, precious metals and all types of settings for freeAjediam gives you everything you need to learn about fine diamond jewelry. Find out where to buy Lab-grown Synthetic diamonds, also named Man made, Cultured diamonds. Know the real cost price of the producer. - Source: Antwerp World Diamond Centre. We...

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Learn About Jewelry Gem Stones Pearls Precious Metals Settings

Measure your ring size in seconds. Ring size chart for male and female free paper printable online ring sizer Measure the exact ring size with this Precision Chart: Consult the user manual first. measurements for USA, Europe, UK, British, Britain, Japan and international, offered for free. View also the ring size converter Did you mean:...

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Finger Sizes Rings

How to clean diamond earrings for free?Diamond earrings become every day dull and dirty through wear. They pick up oil from your skin causing the stones look lusterless. Read the user manual below on how to clean your diamond earrings for free and at home! The solution is simple and free. Consult the User Manual...

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How To Clean Diamond Earrings For Free

How to measure the size of a mounted diamond in rings and jewelry? You will find out here.  Diamond sizes for loose diamonds When a diamond is set in a ring or other jewelry you can estimate the diameter between the prongs on opposite sides of a stone with a professional measuring tool, gauge estimator...

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Size Mounted Diamonds