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“It does not matter how long one works in the diamond industry, the chance of one’s amazement for a beautiful diamond fading is close to zero.

The diamond industry can seem mysterious, even unfathomable for an outsider. And contrary to what is often said, you do not need to be born into a diamantaire family to be able to work in it.

Here in Antwerp, the diamond market functions as a microcosm. No matter what your profession is, if you are talented and passionate, the diamond industry presents truly exciting career opportunities.

At Ajediam we pride ourselves to lead with innovation, compassion, and transparency. Come join us in our brilliant adventure and help us build the diamond industry of the future.”

 — Charlotte Auerbach-Tyser, director of Ajediam

Our Values

Our Passion and Ambition go hand in hand – It is all about getting the best possible diamond and jewel for our clients. We work hard every day to improve our service and be worthy of our clients’ trust and recognition.

Transparency – Ajediam functions based on the ideal of a modern and transparent industry in mind. By combining the knowledge of experts and the talent of designers, we offer access to intelligible and intelligent information to our visitors! 

Innovation & Creativity – We remind ourselves that everyday work becomes an adventure when you view the world with a creative mind.

Sustainability – We all aim for a better world. At Ajediam, we rethink the steps we take, from the smallest to the most significant, and turn them into sustainable actions. 

Joy –  “A joy that’s shared is a joy made double.”


Charlotte Auerbach-Tyser, general director

Charlotte grew up in France and received an education at the American University of Paris. She pursued her growing passion for jewels and became a gemologist. After a decade in Antwerp, she gained extensive experience in the diamond industry. Her disciplines are digital product development as well as digital marketing in the luxury industry. Her strengths are her vision, her perseverance, and her quest for continuous improvement.

Ben Auerbach, director of the diamond trading department

Ben grew up in Germany where he started working at a young age and quickly became an entrepreneur. Self-made, ingenious, and versatile, Ben is a business developer specializing in the jewelry industry. His strengths are his sense of business, his grit as well as his capacity to create opportunities. He is also one of the best buyers in the diamond industry.

Current Openings

To continue our growth and development, Ajediam and partners seek talented and versatile people: 

Management team

 No current opening

Digital team

Social Sales Manager

Ads manager

Studio team

Product & still life photographer

Video content creator

Atelier team

3D jewelry designer

Internship programs

Gemology & diamond grading internship

General Submissions

Whatever you are passionate about, we look forward to hearing from you.

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