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Net prices: 0.25 Ct US$200 – 0.50 Ct US$400 – 1.00 Ct US$800

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    0.25 carat0,50 Carat1,00 Carat Price: 0.25 Ct US$200 - 0.50 Ct US$400 - 1.00 Ct US$800
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    TAX FREE Worldwide Export. Tax Free within the EU with valid VAT number for private buyers resident in the EU +21% VAT. Ordering on distance is quite easy with the same service buying at our offices. We consider you as starting professional buying your custom made Lab created diamonds, Genuine Certified. Payment: On invoice by Secure Bank Wire Transfer in advance to delivery Shipment: Secured and insured shipment, door to door in your hands To invoice you with payment by Secured Bank Wire Transfer in advance to delivery, please provide full shipment information
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