Diamond Clarity

What is most important cut, clarity, color, size or weight? Clarity is least important and most expensive of the 4Cs.

How to find Diamond Brooches in white or yellow gold 18K? Find here the first of Diamond Brooches, Flower bouquet design.

This Diamond Clarity Grading Chart shows what is important or irrelevant.

Pay less for more!

Clarity is the least important of the 4C’s. Do the test:
what do you see first looking to a diamond?

1. First, you see how big the diamond is.
You see the difference between a small and a big diamond in seizing from distance. View here below

2. Second you see if the diamond sparkles or not.
Do the test:  You see the difference from distance.
A question of ideal cut.

3. Third you see the difference in color.
Do once more the test:  You see also the difference from distance.

4. Fourthly you can’t see the difference in clarity by the naked eye.
Do again the test:

You can’t see the difference from distance!
Detect inclusions by photos magnified X 100 by microscope
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