Ideal Cut Diamonds

Why you should only buy Triple Excellent, Hearts & Arrows Super Ideal Cut Diamonds? Why are Hearts & Arrows Super Ideal Cut Diamonds Worth a price premium?

76% Loss of rough diamond by Super Ideal Cut, Triple EX, H&A
Only a few skilled expert cutters are able to realise the excellent cut
Few rough diamonds are suitable to meet the excellent cut criteria

The Cut is the most important element to reflect brilliance!

It is determinable by 3 separate descriptions :

The sparkling quality of the ideal cut is to be determined by 3 separate factors:

1. Proportions
2. Polish
3. Symmetry of all facets

Important Notice
If you are not a professional or familiar with the cut grading,
trust the Expert of a reputable Gemmological Laboratory.

Best view the diamond loose and its genuine grading document at the diamantaire.

With the right proportions a brilliant round diamond will be called
‘ideal cut’, not an ‘official’ term to describe cut quality by the way.
Ideal Cut
How Diamond Laboratories grade Cut – Polish – Symmetry
View image of certified ideal cut

1. Proportions: Excellent

2. Polish: Excellent

3. Symmetry: Excellent

4. Hearts and Arrows

Is the premium Ideal Cut.
Hearts & Arrows is the Art of cutting and for far the best cut, named Super Ideal Cut.

Ideal cut diamonds, Hearts and Arrows and Triple Excellent command a price premium
in the world’s market reflecting by far the real value – most expensive!