Guarantees of Certified Diamonds

What kind of certification for your diamonds? What are the guarantees?

1. Internationally graded certified diamonds by International Diamond laboratories: GIA, HRD and IGI

2. The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) (only required for import of rough diamonds)

The process by which diamond origin could be certified. In May 2000, diamond-producing countries of southern Africa met in Kimberley, South Africa to plan a method by which the trade in conflict diamonds could be halted, and buyers of diamonds could be assured that their diamonds have not contributed to violence.

On July 19, 2000, the World Diamond Congress adopted at Antwerp a resolution to strengthen the diamond industry’s ability to block sales of conflict diamonds. The resolution called for an international certification system on the export and import of diamonds, legislation in all countries to accept only officially sealed packages of diamonds, for countries to impose criminal charges on anyone trafficking in conflict diamonds, and instituted a ban on any individual found trading in conflict diamonds from the diamond Bourses of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses.

On January 17 – 18 2001, diamond industry figures convened and formed the new organization, the World Diamond Council. This new body set out to draft a new process, whereby all diamond rough could be certified as coming from a non-conflict source.

The KPCS was given approval by the UN on March 13, 2002, and in November, after two years of negotiation between governments, diamond producers, and Non-governmental organizations, the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) was created.
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