Diamond Shapes

Diamond shapes chart

diagrams of different shapes in drawings, graph, number of facets – diamonds grinding forms grid images to compare
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Diamond shape comparison chart – Diagram of different shapes in images.
Diamond Shape and Cut are frequently confused! View ideal Cut, Proportions, Measurements.

Shape is the model or form of the diamond, such as round, oval, pear and more.

Find the standard number of facets and proportions for most common diamond shapes below. The number of facets on a diamond can vary when the cut is modified with supplementary facet on the cullet:

Round brilliant shape, 57 to 58 facets

Princess shape, 53 to 54 facets

Brilliant modified, Cushion shape 57 to 58 facets

Asscher shape, 48 to 49 facets

Emerald shape, 49 to 50 facets

Heart shape, 57 to 58 facets

Marquise shape, 55 to 56 facets

Oval shape, 55 to 56 facets

Pear shape, 56 to 57 facets

Radiant shape, 53 to 54 facets

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