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AWDC, Antwerp World Diamond Centre

Antwerp remains the world’s largest and most important centre for the diamond trade since 1447.

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Approximately 84% of the total world production of rough and polished diamonds are being traded in Antwerp,  as is an estimated 50% of all polished diamonds worldwide. Report of AWDC 2018

Every day, approximately 220 million dollars in diamonds pass through Antwerp. That’s an average of 550 shipments each day.

Antwerp has over 570 years of illustrious heritage as diamond trading and manufacturing hub, embodied in the slogan ‘Cut in Antwerp’, which still is the diamond trademark for supreme quality and exquisite craftsmanship.

With a financial, technical and intellectual infrastructure that is unrivalled in the industry, Antwerp is the centre from which a multinational Industrial and commercial network is coordinated, enabling the transformation of rough diamonds into the sparkling showpieces sold in jewellery shops around the globe.

Antwerp is home to over 1700 diamond companies, each firm has his special core business***, officially registered with the Federal Public Service Economy, including rough diamond producers, brokers and dealers, manufacturers, polished diamond wholesalers and some 2400 diamond and jewelry related businesses.

The city also headquarters the industry’s leading financial institutions, Insurance companies, security, shipping and logistics providers, gem labs, etc.

Its multicultural community of diamond dealers from various religious backgrounds in a politically stable and neutral setting is truly unique.

At the core of Antwerp’s unique trade infrastructure lies Diamond Office, the in-house customs office that streamlines the vast flow
of diamonds in and out of Antwerp.

Through a sophisticated system of procedures and controls, Antwerp is continuously focused on maintaining internationally recognized high levels of compliance and transparency relating to AML, KP, and CSR.

On top of the procedures that are customary in the diamond business, Antwerp is subject to an additional compliance layer as a result of EU legislation and regulations.

The city is internationally recognized as the ethical benchmark and rolemodel for the entire diamond and jewellery industry.

Source: AWDC report 2017

*** Most diamond companies and firms are small traders who specialize in one kind of shape.

Example: specialising in small marquise shaped diamonds from 0.03 to 0.10 carats.  Many of these firms are individual brokers.

Very difficult to distinguish the diamond companies, cutters, polishers, producers of polished diamonds from the intermediaries!
Only a few diamond companies are specialized in larger sizes all shapes such as Ajediam.

History of Antwerp and diamonds... Since 1447... the beginning of a never-ending romantic story

Travel guide to Antwerp World Diamond Centre. Booking information by Fleights, Train, Eurostar, Thalys . Tips to buy safely wholesale diamonds in Antwerp World Diamond Centre Exchange Bourse.

Discover mysterious history since 15 nth century – Visit famous factory
Antwerp, flight facilities, train, Eurostar… | City map of Antwerp Diamond Centre

Since the13nth century to the early 20nth century  Venice & Portugal were the primary links between Antwerp and India, where diamonds were first found.  Later Antwerp became all other links to the diamond sources, Brazil, Africa, Russia, Australia, Canada and more…

Today Antwerp has a yearly turnover of more than 58,8 billion US $.
Antwerp is considered World’s largest Diamond Trade Center, exporting all over the world his famous Antwerp ideal cut diamonds.

Visit Ajediam’s famous Cutting Factory and Discover insider secrets of the diamond business  Antwerp World Diamond Centre, Diamond Exchange Bourse ADC Building – Hoveniersstraat 2, BE-2018 Antwerp / Belgium / Europe

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Travel guide to Antwerp:

Antwerp is less than two hours by train from London, Paris,
Amsterdam and Frankfurt:

Price: from 36 € with possible fluctuations according to reservation.

Welcome in Antwerp, two hours by Thalys train from Paris
two hours by Eurostar train from London
two hours from Dusseldorf by Thalys.
1h30 minutes from Amsterdam by Thalys train

Low budget flights:

Antwerp World Diamond Centre is very conveniently located in Belgium:
20 minutes from London City to Antwerp International Airport,
*Antwerp international Airport,
Luchthavenlei, B-2100 Antwerp – Belgium
Tel : +32 (0)3 285 65 00 Fax : +32 (0)3 285 65 01

Low budget flights:

Ryanair info: Easyjet:
20′ from Brussels, 40′ from Bruges, 1 1/2 hour from Amsterdam, 2 hours from Paris by Thalys 2 1/2 hours from London by Eurostar.


Eurostar: TGV: – Thalys:

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Antwerp Sightseeing, information about Antwerp city

Tips to buy safely diamonds in Antwerp World Diamond Center, some general advice:
Like any major diamond city NY, Dubai and Antwerp also has its ‘tourist trap’ and mass jewelry stores open on weekend,

in the Appelmansstraat, Vestingstraat, Keyserlei and Pelikaanstraat;

So you’d better make sure you visit only official Antwerp diamond Exchange registered diamand company,
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