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How to find best place to buy Diamonds In Dubai?

All diamonds sold in Dubai have their origin in Antwerp, the World Trade Diamond Centre since 1447 Best buy at Ajediam

Find the best price/quality diamonds with lifetime sell back guarantee in Antwerp, World Diamond Trade Centre since 1447. Buy Tax Free and become a starting professional buying at real wholesale price.

Dubai is the regional touristic Diamond Center for the Middle East selling mostly lower quality diamonds.
Professional actual diamond pricesشراء الماس في دبي عن مصدر في أنتويرب العالمي للألماس مركز التبادل
Dubai Diamond Mall is located in United Arab Emirates.
Understand the Tax Free diamond pricing index in Dubai. Compare diamond price list, a diamond chart which is a real Dubai diamond price guide.

This Expensive High Jewelry piece is made by our greatest Master Goldsmiths in Antwerp, World Diamond Centre, on special order of one of our Dubai’s customers. Value: US $ 1,200,000

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Dear Karim,
I have bought diamonds in Dubai and it was the worst idea in my entire life !

Dubai is full of scammers.
There are hundreds of British companies who are going to make you think that you will get a wonderful return of Investment.

I have all proofs of what I say

NEVER BUY A DIAMOND IN DUBAI !! you will loose all your savings

Go to Antwerp. The best place in the world for diamonds

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Julien Kokelberg

Prices of lab grown, synthetic Diamonds

To purchase larger diamonds, contact directly Ajediam in Antwerp World Diamond Centre.
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