New-York Diamond Prices

Reading all the reviews and the comments of ripped off customers buying, at the New York diamond district at 47th Street, I'm stunnig.

The New York diamond district at 47th Street, is hosting more than 3,900 jewelers

Paul Gian, GIA Diamonds Graduate, of comments are breathtaking:

The New York Diamond District is a huge shark tank.

Read all about Indepth Reviews of Jewelry Stores and Diamond Dealers in NY:

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Antwerp is World’s largest international World Diamond Trade Center with a yearly turnover of more than 58,8 billion US $, hosting 4 diamond Bourses, and about 1.500 diamond companies.

Be aware, like any big city, NY, Paris, London and also Antwerp… has its tourist trap shops!

More than 90% of all diamonds, that are imported in Antwerp, are exported to NY and other trading and manufacturing centers or to consumer countries.

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