How to buy quality diamonds at best price?

Every diamond is unique. Value is based on a combination of factors explained here in most important factors.
Nowadays there are 8C’s to buy best and most valuable diamonds at lowest price.

What is important to know?
Analysis: GIA is the founder of the diamond grading system gia4cs. It is interesting to view down to earth and analyse whether this remains true still to today’s needs.


First rule: What you see is what it is, the visible real value of a diamond. Actual quality variations chart is realised by Ajediam, ajediam8C’s


Checklist to compare quality and confidence with ajediam8C’s:

Diamond Certificates

The choice of the diamond certificate, a question of trust in the Gem Lab:

  • GIA certificates first, in comparison with HRD and IGI. Compare Diamond certificates
  • Verify the date of the certificate: must be not older than two years Only!
  • Verify comments on the certificate!
  • Verify Laser inscription on girdle of the diamond – If missing it is a fake!
  • Check GIA diamond report online: to be sure!

Carat Size and Weight

What you see first is the Carat size, if the diamond is big or small.

You see it without being an expert.


What you see immediately and practically at the same time is the quality of Cut. CUT quality that gives the sparkle must be:

Cut: EX or VG
Polish: EX or VG
Symmetry: EX or VG

Ideal Cut: This is giving the sparkle, the brightness, the shining and the brilliance of a diamond.
The art of cutting and polishing is the most important matter for a diamond!

Most sparkle, shining and brilliance = most value!
Above supreme Triple Excellent Grade it exists very very rare H&A cut.

View the price structure of the perfect diamond in the function of the overall Quality Factors ( 8C’s)

In minus 60% and up to plus 50% of the wholesale price. The perfection in cut = increased quality costs!

Girdle Thickness

Reject very thin girdle. By very thin girdle the diamond sooner or later will break!


What you see as fifth important element is the Color

You can see the difference if a diamond is snow white or yellowish or a fancy color such as overpriced pinks.

Snow white is giving the most beautiful effect in combination with the brightness, the shining and the brilliance.

Pure white has the maximum brightness, and pure black the minimum brightness.


How blue fluorescence is in a positive way influencing brilliance, color and clarity.


The clarity of a diamond is less important. Inclusions are the signature of the diamond. All what you do not see by naked eye is invisible, do NOT pay for ! It is the visible clarity by nacked eye who is important!

View here images of clarity enlarged x 100 !

View here the diamond clarity grading chart

Do not pay for invisible inclusions!

If you look under microscope and you will find full of natural inclusions giving you the guarantee of authenticity.


Since it is easy to copy certificates, easy to copy the sealed packaging and it is possible to produce a laser inscription, confidence is one of the most important matters of buying diamonds!

Trust is the paramount in our business. Ajediam is the undisputed master in value for money since more than 30 years!

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