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Diamonds are gorgeous, precious, rare, mysterious and sentimental mementos of love. They are cherished and valued for centuries. Not only do diamonds give the feeling of luxury, beauty, and love but they also serve as a secure investment. There’s nothing else that can serve that many purposes while still being a financial investment.

Think about the diamonds and diamond jewelry you have purchased or own in your lifetime. You know that they remain valuable and even increase in value. Most likely, you didn’t buy them or get them for investment purposes such as hedging protection against inflation and hyperinflation. But investing in top quality, authentically certified diamonds are indeed a safety net in case your other investments decline. Be sure to view investing in precious stones as a way to protect your portfolio. Stocks, IRA accounts, ETFs, bonds, treasuries, currencies (paper money), and rise up and down in value. They are mainly based on speculation. Even cash hidden under a mattress or in a home safe is falling in value each day. But the physical assets – diamonds- have historically increased more than 14% each year regardless of what’s going on in the news, economy and sentiments.

People looking for protection from inflation but still the opportunity for their investments to grow usually turn to precious gems and metals. Gold and silver are more popular and are on top of the markets, but more and more people are beginning to buy diamonds. This has led to a decrease in demand which means the value and price of these rare stones have been going up.

Discovering how to invest in diamonds can help all kinds of investors add variety to their investments. Yet many people don’t know how to do this type of investing in physical assets. The key to overcome this fear and to be a better investor is to gain knowledge. Learn about investing in physical diamonds.

Here are advantages of investing in diamonds to see an annual increase of 14% ROI:

– No registration required which means you can remain anonymous
– Protection against inflation, changes in currency, and market failure
– Not affected by bankruptcy
– Internationally accepted; it has the same value no matter where you go
– No capital gains tax or taxes with diamonds versus other investments
– Very respected
– No cost for maintenance
– Emotional value through many generations
– Diamonds are pieces of art. They can be worn as jewelry while symbolizing your most stable investments
– Diamonds differ from other things such as furs, cars, and furniture because they don’t lose value. They are very durable and long lasting.
– Easily transported. No one checks your diamond jewelry or stones when you travel
– Easy to sell. If you need money (especially when traveling), any jeweler, diamond exchange and even pawn shops will want your diamonds IF they are professionally and accurately graded and certified. (See for more about top accreditation, grading, and certification.)

But first, there are many things to consider and determine before investing in diamonds. Buying diamonds in a cut and polished or raw state usually means you need to provide up-front capital. It’s also important to get the stones covered under an insurance policy. You also need to know that buying jewels is a long-term investment.

Next, before purchasing, you should find out the grade, carat weight, and identification of the gems. A jeweler should provide all the documentation needed. If the stone is cut and polished, you should acquire the cut and clarity documentation. It should include a report of and imperfections in each gem. (At Ajediam, we offer everything you need in order to invest in the best diamonds with the most recognized and authentic certification. Learn more by contacting Ajediam or reading more at

The most important thing to focus on when investing in diamonds is the long-term aspect of it. You shouldn’t focus on the fluctuations of gem prices every day. Whether you’re purchasing physical diamonds or in a diamond exchange traded fund, you will probably want to check the price of diamonds on a daily basis. But just know that your diamonds will go up in value every year. They have been doing so annually for over fifty years!

Although the daily price tends to be unsettled, the long-term performance of the diamond market is stable and absolute. You will be most successful if you maintain your position in buying and holding diamonds for the long-term. Don’t live and die in the speculation. Just know that you will get an annual ROI of 14%.

Contact us for more education on how to invest in diamonds and for the physical stones that will hedge against economy crisis and fiat currency.

Why You Should Invest in Certified Diamonds

Challenging times bring new opportunities. Yet new may not be so new as people looking to have a safe hedge for their money. Historically, when paper currencies are devalued, investors have turned to physical investments that cannot be duplicated, wiped out electronically and are easy to store and transport. Certified precious diamonds make the perfect protection from inflation.

Diamonds have been the symbolic objects of marriage and love for decades. However, these stones have been a storage of wealth and increasing value even longer than before jewelers turned them into symbols of everlasting love.

Follow the wise action of kings and queens, entrepreneurs and smart families who have chosen to protect their savings. Why would spending money on certified genuine diamonds a wise choice? The most precious stones in the world have proven time and time again that they increase in value each year. The average ROI of properly certified top quality gems is over 15% annually! How’s that for a high gain?

These stones can be embellished, transported easily, and traded around the world. Diamond investments can be done through investing in funds, stocks, or even the jewels themselves. However, the best way to profit from this investment is to buy the stones directly. Directly from the mines and highly experienced diamantaire, you’ll know you’re getting the real deal.

Investing in diamonds isn’t like investing in gold or silver. An ounce of gold is just an ounce of gold, but with diamonds it’s different. This makes it hard to have general quality standards for all the stones. The prices are also hard to estimate. This can be intimidating for someone who’s new to buying and investing in diamonds.

Questions about the price should be asked and also about where the diamond came from, who’s selling it and their credibility, and how it rates in the C’s (clarity, cut, carat weight and color). The diamond industry has many participants and a wide variety of valuable gems. When investing in diamonds, you want the best quality you can get, with both the diamond and the jeweler selling it. Each jewel is very unique and many can hold their value better than other investments.

Here at Ajediam we have all the answers for you. Each diamond has been meticulously cut and crafted and certified. We don’t enhance your diamonds with fake CZ fillers. We don’t give fake certifications to lower or boost the value. With over two decades of proven experience in the industry, we guarantee your stones are of top value and true certification. This insures that no matter where you go to sell or trade your gemstone, you’ll get the most profit.

Protect your life savings by using diamonds as a hedge from fiat currency and hyperinflation before it’s too late. Lena Hunt <>


*We came, we saw, we bought! Impressive company with industry-knowledgeable hands-on Directors who helped us every step of the way with advice, suggestions and comments. The ring was made exactly to our design. Excellent company and highly recommended. Posted by Richmond UK

Wonderful stone from Ajediam in Antwerp
The stone is here and very beautiful thank you very much – I am wearing it by taking the whole sealed case and putting it on my finger with elastic bands (rubber bands) which makes a very unusual setting!! Just for the time being!!!
I will send pictures of the final settings of this wonderful stone!! thanks so very much!!!
The cutting is just sparkly
AS usual you never disappoint!!!!
Posted by Nadalene Florida

Dear Jan,
I did not think that a simple question of my husband asking me to find an anniversary ring in celebration of 23 years of marriage would lead me to the journey that we took with you; to have found a remarkable jeweler with incredible talent, to find the most exquisite ring design and then have it made just for me.

Needless to say we are very, very happy with the “Band Together” ring. Simply put, it is stunning.
I waited until my husband came home from work and let him put it on my finger. It fits like a glove! For us each band represents 5 years together. The design has very special meaning to us.

Thank you again for all you’ve done; for being so kind and professional. It truly was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to working with you again. I am in the market for a diamond pendant. When I find the right design I will give you a call…for sure. Have a wonderful weekend. I know I will!
Sincerely Yours, Lisa Denisar-Ward USA
PS. My Mother had to put her sunglasses on to see the ring. She’s a real comedian!

Dag Jan,
Los van het bijzondere – je krijgt niet elke dag een envelop met een diamant – ben ik zeer tevreden. Het flonkert van alle kanten en het is duidelijk mooier dan de 0.06 carat die ik bij de lokale juwelier kreeg aangeboden. Ook mijn vriendin zal metr Kerst teverden zijn.
Dank en groet, Lawrence Netherlands

Dear Ron and Jan,
I would just like to say thank you so much for helping me find a beautiful diamond at a very good price. Charles was a pleasure to meet and we found him very helpful! I decided on a round brilliant set in a nice 18 carat yellow gold ring which I haven’t taken my eyes off since. We are very confident that we got a fair and good deal. We went over budget but we knew it was worth it and we are so happy with what we got for our money!(-:
We went to Diamond Land first but I didn’t find the contact there to be very flexible, not to mention the fact that the diamonds he had were all out of our desired price range by far.

I can’t wait to get it valued in Ireland as I spoke to Charles about the high prices there and he couldn’t believe it! I promised him I would let him know the outcome!(-:

Again, we would like to thank you for making the time on your day off to take care of us. We will recommend it and when we get our first million euro, we’ll be back for the pink diamond!ha!
Sincerely, Stacy and Jens! Ireland

Hello Jan,
I can confirm that I have received the replacement ring this morning-it’s very beautiful, and my girlfriend Ana is delighted.
I send you my deepest thanks for having operated in such an honourable fashion,
would be only too pleased to recommend your firm to others that I know.
Kindest Regards, Alan Mcpherson. Spain

Dear Jan, We are finally back to Moscow. For Alfonso and me it was a GREAT PLEASURE to meet with you. We very often remember our wonderful journey to the world of diamonds. I’m very happy with design of my ring and I’m very happy that buying process was so interesting and pleasant. Thank you very much!!! Kind regards Lisa & Alfonso Moscow

Hello, Jan,
I wanted to let you know that I received the wire into my bank account this morning.
Thank you for being a pleasure to do business with. I appreciate your responsiveness.
Thank you for your courtesy!

Erin Blake USA

Dear Jan,
May I just take this opportunity to thank you very much indeed for your rapid response to this matter, together with the time and effort you have dedicated in trying to locate this lost/stolen ring. I very much appreciated your thoroughness in this regard, and your respect and consideration for your client (namely me). It has all been very annoying and frustrating of course, and I very much welcome the generous solution you have proposed. Many thanks.

Alan Mcpherson SPAIN

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