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Measure your ring size in seconds. Ring size chart for male and female
free paper printable online ring sizer
Measure the exact ring size with this Precision Chart: Consult the user manual first.
measurements for USA, Europe, UK, British, Britain, Japan and international, offered for free.
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Did you mean: Diamond size chart or size of a diamond ring on your hand

View also to the ring size converter on next page for USA, Europe, UK – Britain, Japanese, International Conversion of ring size into diameter, Legend: (42) = Circumference in millimeter: outside drawing = inside of your ring — (13,37 mm.): diameter outside of drawing = inside ring. View sizes in Inches – Convert mm. in Inch

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User manual and tips:

To measure the ring size adapted to your finger size, print this free universal Ring Size Chart

Approximate exact visual and printed ring size chart by screen size 1280 x 800 pixels!

Put a ring that fits on your finger over the printed ring gauge and measure the inside of your ring with the outside of the printed size. When it match together than you have found your ring size.

Measure the exact ring size in the right conditions:
At noon – Midday is the most frequent temperature and moisture of your region. *Fingers will swell more in the evening than in the morning. They will also be thicker in summer than in winter. Heat makes fingers thicker. Cold makes fingers thinner.

*Be sure! The difference in diameter between one size and another is less than 0,32 mm.!
The wrong measurement can cause easily the loss of your precious ring or, when the ring is to small, it hurt or you cannot put the ring on your finger!
Advice: In case of doubt, ask advice of a professional goldsmith or jeweler to get the right ring size.

Be aware that a printed “cut out of paper ring sizer” such as on this picture below is not reliable!
Good to know: the difference in diameter between one size to another is less than 1/3 mm. = 0.32 mm. Check sizing by your local jeweler. It is safest!

How to measure the size of a mounted diamond in settings, rings and jewelry:
Diamond sizes for loose diamonds
When a diamond is fixed in a ring or setting you can estimate the diameter between the prongs on opposite sides of a stone
With a professional measuring tool, gauge estimator or a brass calipers
you will find the size / dimensions of set / mounted diamonds, the inside and outside diameter, depth + thickness.

Brass callipers instrument
to measure the size of set diamonds
You can buy it at about +- US $ 7
or you have it already in your toolbox

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Antwerp World Diamond Centre, Diamond Exchange, Hoveniersstraat 2, Antwerp / Belgium / Europe

Leveridge, tool to measure
the size of set diamonds