Investing In Diamonds

Practical information for investing in diamond as a financial strategy.

Master the art of diamond investment with our comprehensive guide, designed to help you differentiate between interesting opportunities and potential pitfalls or scams. Learn to identify the key factors that contribute to a diamond’s investment potential, and understand the market dynamics that drive returns. Our expert insights will empower you to make informed decisions when it comes to investing in diamonds.

Diamonds as asset protection and investment Diamonds hold more value per milligram than any other traded element in the world. Unlike other valuables and commodities. The value of a diamond is inherent and stable. Currency fluctuations, bank crises and stock market variations make no difference! No speculation possible. View Index data tracking the historical diamond [...]

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Investing Diamonds Investment

Expectations of price evolution of diamonds... Lack of resources, production in diamond mines in decline. Several diamond mining companies report big loss and the demand for cut stones continues to increase around the world... This will end in sharply rising diamond prices. Read about trend signals: Letšeng Mine reports... rough prices +50% Rapaport news.. Stornoway [...]

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Investing Diamonds Investment Part 2

How much diamonds are in the world? How rare are diamonds compared to other gems and synthetic diamonds? The price of a natural, unearthed diamond is determined by its rarity... Good to know... Only ONE percent of all polished diamonds, traded annually in the world, are bigger than 0.30 carat! Only about 375 round brilliant [...]

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Investing Diamonds Investment Part 3

Average Investment Diamond Prices per unit in US $ Read more about diamonds as investment, investing in. Source: Antwerp World Diamond Centre Email Tel: + 32 3 808 72 02 Legend: Prices in bold = changes View historical pricing trend evolution graph from 1960 - 2019 For detailed diamond prices consult us by mail or telephone [...]

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Investment Diamond Prices