The Hancock Red Diamond – The Small Price-Per-Carat Record Holder

Fewer than 30 red diamonds have ever been found in the world. Due to their rarity; members of the Red diamond family, like the Hancock Red, often claim the spotlight and ultimately become a legend. For centuries people did not understand their value, nor showed any interest in possessing them. The stones were often misidentified […]

The Excelsior Diamond – A Rare Tragedy Among Famous Gemstones

The Excelsior diamond, initially weighted at an astounding 995 carats, was once the largest gem-quality diamond in the world. The name Excelsior, meaning ‘ever higher’, underlines the high hopes that the diamond’s founders had for the diamond’s future. Yet, these dreams of fame were dashed. Only ten years after it was found, the diamond was […]

The Eureka – The Diamond That Changed The History Of South Africa Forever

The Eureka Diamond is not very impressive by gemstone standards yet, it has earned its place among the greatest diamonds in history. A mere 21 carats in its rough form, a brownish-yellow color; it is unlike other legendary diamonds that have inspired adoration almost instantly. It was the first diamond ever discovered in South Africa, […]

The Blue Heart – Most Beautiful Diamond In The World?

Having the reputation of being the most beautiful jewel of them all, the Blue Heart Diamond is a rare gemstone that easily draws its viewer’s eye. At 30.62 carats, it certainly is not the largest precious stone. However, it is one of the most unique diamonds in the world, its deep blue color and heart […]

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