Canada Diamonds

Canada Diamonds at Trade Price.

Diamonds have a special place in the heart of Canada – Alaska where rough diamonds are found.
The rough Canada diamonds are exported to Antwerp, World Diamond Centre where skilled artists have proven their expertise in ideal cut diamonds for generations.

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About Canada diamonds
Canada is an exporter of Alaska rough diamonds,
De Beers has two new mines in Canada, Snap Lake and the Victor Mine and Rio Tinto owns the Diavik mine with three pipes.

Canada is a large importer of polished diamonds from Antwerp, World’s largest Diamond Trade Center with a yearly turnover of more than 58,8 billion US $,
hosting 4 diamond Bourses, and more than 1.500 diamond companies.
Buyers are coming from all over the world to Belgium, Antwerp to buy ideal cut diamonds.

More than 80% of all diamonds that are imported in Antwerp are exported again to other trading and manufacturing centers and to consumer countries and especially to Canada.

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Notice also that Diamond prices increase – since 1949 about + 15 % per year