Specific Gravity Density Hardness Weight Precious Stones Minerals

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Densities of Common Rock Types kimberlite: the blue rock, the source of natural Diamond
Source: http://geology.about.com/cs/rock_types/a/aarockspecgrav.htm

Hardness of Diamonds and minerals is defined by measuring on the scale of Mosh in comparison from 1 for Talc to 10 for diamond.

The Mohs hardness scale lists 10 common minerals, assigning to each a hardness from 1 to 10.
(Friederich Mohs, German mineralogist 1822).
Source: http://www.scienceclarified.com/Ma-Mu/Minerals.html

Minerals examples, body, water, Earth, type, chemical, form, carbon, oxygen, substance, surface, part, Physical traits and mineral identification
Source: http://www.scienceclarified.com/Ma-Mu/Minerals.html#ixzz18BlRVfCE

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