Amsterdam Diamonds

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Find out what is famous in Amsterdam and the World Diamond Trade Centre in Antwerp, read about here.

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Amsterdam is well known for his flowers, beautiful tulips and other bulbs.

Every spring Keukenhof is a feast for the eye.

Millions of tulips and other bulb flowers are then in bloom. A fantastic experience for people of all ages and a wonderful spectacle to photograph!…

It has no more diamond manufacturing industry of significance.

Amsterdam was known as a diamond center, which, sadly, is not true.
The glorious history of its diamond trade is matched with Antwerp.

If you are looking for diamonds the place to visit is Antwerp, the International diamond Center, the World Capital of Diamond Trading
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The Famous Amsterdam Black Diamond:

The “Amsterdam Diamond” is a pear shaped black diamond weight: 55.85 carats.
This black diamond is named Amsterdam diamond and was given in honor of
Amsterdam’s 700 anniversary.

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