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A very rare
Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond of
7.03 Carats
Loupe Clean
Cushion cut was sold
US $ 9,488,754
in May 2009

Digged in 2008 in the Cullinan mine in South Africa, world’s most consistently source of blue diamonds

An Exceptional Natural Blue Diamond
Excellent cut, color and clarity

Natural Brilliant Shaped Diamond
Weight: 1/2 Carat
Shape: Brilliant
Color: Light Blue

Cut – Polish: EXCELLENT
Proportions: EXCELLENT
Delivered with GIA Diamond Certificate
This blue diamond picture is magnified x 50
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Learn more about blue diamonds

Natural blue diamonds are so rare, that we only cut a few carats in all our life!
The Blue Hope diamond is the rarest fascinating blue diamond of 45.52 Carat.
Enhanced blue diamonds are also rare. Methods producing intensely colored blue diamonds, including fancy blue diamonds, have been developed. The blue diamonds who are available are enhanced by High Temperature (HT) and High Pressure (HP) treatment. It is a similar natural treatment as millions years ago when nature create diamonds. Some blue diamonds are irradiated and heated to fix the color

Are blue diamonds more expensive than white diamonds?
Fancy blue diamonds are much more expensive than white diamonds.
The HTHP processing costs are only worth treating diamonds of high quality. The color can not be determinate by treatment. The final color is uncertain and turns most of all in brownish or gray color. Nobody will buy a gray or brownish gray diamond. They are without any value. That makes the blue diamonds much more expensive than white diamonds.

Recently we had produced a design ring. This is how it went, from the rough diamond to the ring here on the site.
In Antwerp, we encountered a 6 carat rough diamond, in a beautiful natural fancy color green. Choosing on what to do with it, we first had it cut by a well known diamond polisher from Antwerp.
He did a perfect job, resulting in two stones, one of 1.25 carat, the other 0.55 carat.
The cut was graded excellent by IGI standards, its brilliance very good.
The color appeared less dazzling as it was at first. The color had changed into a grayish green as a result of the cut. This sometimes happens. In the old days you could not do anything about this. Nowadays we have laboratories where diamonds can be (color)enhanced, without any loss of quality in the stone itself.
The International Grading Institute helped us send the diamonds to a well respected diamond enhancement laboratory in New York to acquire a color closer to the color for which we choose the diamond. When we received back the diamonds, their color had turned blue with a green flavor, very exquisite.
Now the time had arrived to decide on what to do with these stones:
– Sell them on an Antwerp auction;
– Present them on our web site,
– Sell them to client retail jewelers in Europe;
– Produce a completely finished product.
We decided on the latter. I love to design jewelry. With the superior quality stones it would contain it should not result difficult to sell.
I first made some black and white sketches for different jewelry pieces. I found a design I was satisfied with, I took the large “created” fancy color stone, and some small diamond material I have in my collection. The color of the stone should draw the primary attention.
I would use white diamonds in a direct line around the Blue Hope. A second line of yellow or pink sapphires would bring the special touch.
The sketch is not something a graphic artist would be proud of. It is a rough draft of form, structure and color.
Happily I work with producers who have sketching experts in house. I decided to send my sketch and material specs to Noble Jewelry for a quotation.
We met on a trade exhibition in London, and clicked. I had some work done by them some time ago. Then they resulted very punctual, delivered good quality, and were not as expensive as some jewelry producers closer to home.
This time it worked out fine as well. I first received a design to confirm mine. Then we had to agree on the price. For jewelry of a more common purpose I would have chosen supporting diamonds of a lesser color quality. But this Blue Hope was of a very good cut and color, the pink sapphires and white diamonds could not stay behind.

Since the end of December, I have a unique piece of jewelry,a beautiful design ring to show to my clients. It may result difficult to part from it. I grow more fond of it every day. Visualize this beautiful blue teardrop diamond ring.