Hearts And Arrows

Hearts & Arrows Cut explained
Above supreme Triple Excellent Grade on Cut – Polish – Symmetry, Ideal Cut, it exist Hearts & Arrows.

H&A must have perfect symmetry of the facets and particular lengths of the lower girdle facets, providing the maximum brilliance to the diamond! Named SUPER IDEAL CUT!

Hearts and Arrows, H&A pattern is defined by perfect symmetry
of the major facets with particular lengths of its lower girdle facets is also named super ideal cut diamond.

It is the pattern of ideal optical symmetry + excellent parallelism, particular lengths of lower girdle facets and major facets, obtained by excellent cut of the the angles of the major facets and the minor facets.

Viewed from the crown, (TOP) the pattern has eight arrows.
Viewed from the pavilion, (BELOW) the pattern has eight hearts.
By special magnifying viewer you can see this. View it here on images:

H&A diamond image from top / table

Diamonds with a Hearts and Arrows cut command a price premium!

HRD (the Diamond High Council), IGI and GIA grade Hearts and Arrows cut as H&A and by labeled images.

Have a look at H&A on certificates: View how Hearts & Arrows is graded on a Diamond Certificate

Hearts and Arrows viewer