Investieren In Diamanten Teil2

Diamonds as an investment, investment in … Part 2

Lack of resources, production in diamond mines in decline and the demand for honed stones continues to increase around the world ...

Global demand for cut diamonds continues to increase and diamond mine production is in decline. This will inevitably lead to price increases ...

Clarity: Loupe Clean (IF) weighing: 1 to 1.39 Carat Carat is less than 900 carats per year.

That means that all together, there are only 375 stones between 1.00 to 1.39 Carat D Loupe Clean (FL) Flawless
a year is available for the whole world production!
To produce these 375 diamonds, mining companies have to dig more than 800 million tons of kimberlite.
(Kimberlite is the rock where rough diamonds are found)

Gareth Penny from De Beers stated in November 2008 that if we continue to excavate diamond mine at this rate we will be within 20 years without it!

Alrosa, BHP Billiton, De Beers and Rio Tinto are the top players in the diamond industry.
Disese try to sell their diamond mines because of the lack of profit that will benefit less than 1% of miners.
Alrosa begins to sell her diamond mine shares to cover her huge loss.
De Beers has already sold some of his diamond mines, changing his policy from diamond miner to wholesaler.
It is clear that this lack of efficiency due to the depletion of the mines will result in sharply increased prices for natural diamonds.

In the meantime, BHP Billiton has left the diamond industry and Rio Tinto has not found a buyer for the Argyle Diamond Mine. Even a possible IPO of Rio Tinto was unsuccessful. Argyle, has turned into a bottomless barrel of US $ 2,000,000,000! Picture of biggest diamond mine in the world
The prices for rough diamonds will inevitably rise and the prices of cut diamonds will follow immediately.

Diamond mining companies are digging deeper and higher costs to extract their diamonds. This extreme situation will inevitably lead to higher costs and have an influence on the future price development of diamonds.

Look for their diamond in these heaps of rocks. (maximum 1.00 carats – 200 milligrams per 20 ton of Kimberlite Rocks!) Image of underground mining at the Finsch mine in South Africa . (Source: Petra Diamonds).

Be in advance to the Diamond Decade!

The diamond market outlook is very positive, with demand growing rapidly and the lack of new discoveries limiting supply!
The global economy will experience massive growth over the next decade.
More people will gather more wealth than ever before in the history of humanity.
Millions of new middle and upper class consumers will create unprecedented demand for diamonds and diamond jewelry.
But the amount of natural diamonds is limited and natural quality diamonds are very rare.Prices will rise to unexpected levels.

The long term future is brilliant

Example: The number of middle-class households in India and China is expected to jump over an estimated 216 million to 469 million. Sales are estimated at about $ 160,000,000 in jewelry.

The allocation of the asset is largely determined by the rate of return. Diamonds!

Christie NY jewelry sales increase

Christie NY jewelry sells for $ 52.5 million (90% by lot), 10.95 ct Bulgari ring, Fancy Vivid Blue, VS2
and 9.87 ct, G VS1 Triangular Diamonds sold for $ 15.8 million ($ 1.4m / ct).

Better than any paper investment

Better than any investment in stocks, securities, life insurance, retirement plans, options, derivatives, interest rates on savings accounts, stocks, bonds, gold, silver, platinum, commodity mines or real estate
Diamonds are a thousand times rarer than gold. Gold is heavy. It is also used as a speculative paper asset. Its value is fleeting.
The diamond market is stable and more regulated.
You can only negotiate diamonds that you physically own.
This reduces speculation from the market – bar natural growth in value that follows the imbalance between supply and demand.

The high degree of rarity of the diamond makes its value.
Diamond has a high value for the very low weight, it is easy to carry.

The European Central Bank has used the printing presses to rescue banks. So there is a “game changer” that puts Europe in a similar position to the United States and Britain: a monetization of the sovereign debt crisis.

The asset allocation is largely determined by the return! That’s what Asoka Wöhrmann says

Be up to every situation in advance

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