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The greatly admired Diamond Gallery is located between Le Printemps and Galleries Lafayette.
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well located between Gallerie La Fayette and Le Printemps
in the rue de Mogador, Paris 9e, visited and talked about by many people

– Entrance on invitation only

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Galeries du Diamant is HRD Antwerp Certified Center of Excellence first in Paris

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Since the 13th century Rough diamonds were brought to Antwerp by Portuguese shippers. From then on, it is an Antwerp, (Flanders) Family Heritage to be the best in Art of  Cutting & Polishing diamonds.

Ajediam, the brand name associated with excellence… Over 700 years of Family Heritage has been making Ajediam the best in Art of Cutting & Polishing diamonds of EX EX EX Hearts & Arrows

The shareholders, the board of directors and the cutters of Ajediam are Flemish people with over 30 years of tradition of excellence. Manufacturer of the finest cut, Triple EX, H & A, Ideal Cut and always one step ahead:

Always ahead…

Ajediam is offering these stunning guarantees:

  • GIA, HRD certified diamonds of finest quality at huge discounts
  • LIEFETIME FREE annual jewelry care & repair service

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