How to measure the size of a mounted diamond in rings and jewelry?
You will find out here.
Diamond sizes for loose diamonds 
When a diamond is set in a ring or other jewelry you can estimate the diameter between the prongs on opposite sides of a stone
with a professional measuring tool, gauge estimator or a brass calipers 
you will find the size / dimensions of set / mounted diamonds, the inside and outside diameter, depth + thickness.

View diamond sizes and weight versus sizes of diamonds. Size of diamond on ring on finger on hand
brass callipers image
Leveridge to measure the size of set diamonds image
The diamond size is the key to estimate the carat weight of diamonds.
To estimate the diameter in a closed setting and the carat weight of 
ancy shaped diamonds we advice to go to a professional jeweler.
Leveridge, tool to measure 
the size of set diamonds
Brass callipers instrument 
to measure the size of set diamonds
You can buy it at about +- US $ 7
or you have it already in your toolbox
how big must be my diamond ring
Measure size on ring:
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