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14 Best Restaurants in Antwerp: The Culinary Heart of the City of Diamonds

Antwerp, a city as renowned for its rich culinary offerings as its diamond legacy, invites you to a gastronomic journey like no other. At Ajediam, we appreciate the finer things in life, and this guide to the best restaurants in Antwerp and Antwerp’s dining scene is crafted with that same ethos. Whether you’re here for our exquisite diamonds or the city’s charm, the array of dining options will enchant you.

As you embark on your culinary journey through Antwerp, let each meal be a discovery and each taste a memory to cherish. Bon appétit!

The Antwerpernaar’s choice: 14 best restaurants in Antwerp according to locals

Mampoko, an authentic Antwerp dining experience

Mampoko is a beloved spot among locals and one of the best restaurants in Antwerp. Located near Antwerp’s vibrant city center, Mampoko is a popular dining spot set in a beautifully restored corner building. Its nostalgic and authentic interior creates a welcoming atmosphere, ideal for enjoying breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Open every day, Mampoko offers a delightful menu with traditional dishes and creative suggestions, complemented by a fine selection of wines and beers. Whether you choose to relax at the bar, on the sunny terrace with a picturesque view, or in the cozy dining area, Mampoko promises an enjoyable culinary experience.

  • Cuisine: Belgian, Dutch, European
  • Special Diets: Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free Options
  • Price Range: Moderate
  • Features: Outdoor seating, credit cards accepted, booking, Wi-Fi
  • Address: Amerikalei 8, Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium
  • Website: Mampoko

Bourla, all Antwerpenaars know it

Bourla is an inviting and historic café-restaurant situated near the Graanmarkt in Antwerp. The setting is majestic, yet the atmosphere remains casual and welcoming to a diverse clientele, including locals, businessmen, artists, and tourists. The menu features classic, well-prepared homemade dishes, catering to various tastes and dietary needs. The restaurant’s ambiance is noted for its comfort and elegance, making it a suitable venue for both a quick lunch and a sumptuous dinner.

  • Cuisine: Belgian, European, Central European
  • Special Diets: Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free Options
  • Price Range: Moderate
  • Features: Outdoor seating, free wifi, accepts various payment methods, serves alcohol, full bar
  • Address: Graanmarkt 7, Antwerp, Belgium
  • Website: Bourla

Graanmarkt 13 and its green Michelin stars

Graanmarkt 13 is a distinguished restaurant in Antwerp, known for its focus on vegetables and healthy, organic cuisine. The restaurant has garnered attention for its ‘green’ Michelin stars in 2021 and 2023, reflecting its commitment to quality and sustainability. Its menu reflects modern classics with a French-Belgian and Provençal twist, offering a range of dishes from flatbreads and oysters to Black Angus steak and lobster lasagna. The ambiance is inspired by a Parisian bistro, offering a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

  • Cuisine: Belgian, European
  • Special Diets: Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free Options
  • Price Range: High-end
  • Features: Unique and cozy setting, focuses on pure and simple flavors, offers a blend of traditional and modern dishes
  • Address: Graanmarkt 13, Antwerp 2000, Belgium
  • Website: Graanmarkt 13

Dôme & Dôme Sur Mer, most iconic restaurants in Antwerp

Dôme and its seafood sister restaurant Dôme Sur Mer are Michelin-starred restaurants located opposite each other in the lovely Zurenborg neighborhood of Antwerp, offering a high-quality dining experience. The restaurants are known for creative and flavorful cuisine and combine ancient cooking techniques with modern culinary practices. Their menus are based on seasonal products, emphasizing sharp tastes, balance, texture, and authenticity. The intimate setting of the restaurants offers a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

  • Cuisine: Seafood
  • Special Diets: Vegetarian Friendly, Gluten Free Options
  • Price Range: High-end
  • Features: Michelin star, focused on quality ingredients and seasonality, unique and intimate atmosphere.
  • Address Dôme: Grotehondstraat 2, Antwerp 2018, Belgium
  • Address Dôme sur Mer: Arendstraat 1, Antwerp 2018, Belgium
  • Website: Dôme & Dôme sur Mer

Bokertov, a taste of Tel Aviv

Boker Tov is an Israeli deli, bar, and restaurant that brings a piece of Tel Aviv to Antwerp. It offers a blend of Israeli, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cuisines, making it an ideal spot for those looking for healthy and diverse food options. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch, along with a variety of drinks. They are known for their small but quality portions, offering dishes like pastrami sandwiches, borekas, chicken schnitzel, and cauliflower dishes. The atmosphere is friendly and conducive to a relaxed dining experience.

  • Cuisine: Israeli, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern
  • Special Diets: Halal, vegetarian options available
  • Price Range: Moderate
  • Features: Israeli and Mediterranean flavors, healthy dining options, suitable for various meals throughout the day
  • Address: Doornelei 2, Antwerp 2018, Belgium
  • Website: Boker Tov

Fiskebar, for seafood aficionados

Fiskebar is a renowned seafood bistro located in the trendy Zuid neighborhood of Antwerp. This restaurant is celebrated for its extensive menu of fresh, sustainably sourced seafood dishes. Patrons can enjoy a variety of seafood offerings from oysters and ceviche to grilled octopus and elaborate seafood platters. Fiskebar also caters to non-seafood preferences with a selection of meat and vegetarian options. The restaurant’s signature dish is the Fiskeburger, a fresh fish burger served on a homemade bun. The drink menu complements the food well, featuring a wide selection of wines, cocktails, and Belgian beers. The atmosphere at Fiskebar is relaxed and trendy, with minimalist decor that emphasizes the quality of the food.

  • Cuisine: Belgian, Seafood
  • Special Diets: Gluten-Free Options
  • Price Range: High End
  • Features: Sustainably sourced seafood, trendy atmosphere, extensive drinks menu
  • Address: Marnixplaats 11, Antwerp 2000, Belgium
  • Website: Fiskebar

Gran Duca, the best panoramic view of city

Gran Duca, located in the prestigious Hyllit Hotel, offers a panoramic view of the Antwerp skyline. This restaurant is known for its modern Italian cuisine, providing an array of classic pasta dishes, risottos, fresh lobster, and ossobuco. Gran Duca is highly regarded among culinary critics as one of the best Italian restaurants in Antwerp. Its elegant atmosphere, coupled with the stunning rooftop location, makes it a unique dining destination. The restaurant also boasts a well-curated wine list, including Italian classics and regionally specific choices.

  • Cuisine: Italian, French, Seafood
  • Special Diets: Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options
  • Price Range: Moderate to High-End
  • Features: Panoramic city views, elegant setting, a menu of refined Italian and French dishes
  • Address: De Keyserlei 28, Antwerp 2018, Belgium
  • Website: Gran Duca

Karasu, authentic Japanese restaurant

Karasu is a cozy and authentic Japanese restaurant in Antwerp, known for its traditional Japanese cuisine. They offer a variety of dishes ranging from soups, small dishes like sushi and sashimi, to main courses including grilled chicken, stir-fried vegetables with meat, and grilled salmon. The restaurant has received praise for its exceptional sushi and sashimi, with particular highlights being dishes like Wafuyaki and Unagi. The atmosphere is suitable for both family and friends, providing a pleasant dining experience.

  • Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi, Asian, Seafood
  • Special Diets: Vegetarian Friendly
  • Price Range: Moderate
  • Features: Authentic Japanese cuisine, cozy atmosphere, varied menu with vegetarian options
  • Address: Lange Lozana 165, Antwerp 2018, Belgium
  • Website: Karasu

Vogelmarkt, local food market on Saturdays

The Vogelmarkt, also known as the Exotic Market or Saturday Market, is a vibrant outdoor market located at the Theaterplein in Antwerp. Obviously not a restaurant per say, it has its place on our best restaurants in Antwerp list, because it is worth your while. It operates every Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm and is renowned for its multicultural array of foods and flavors. This market is a hub for foodies and locals, offering an eclectic mix of fresh and international food items.

Our tip: you’ll find the best waffles in Antwerp in the Wafeltjes van ons Bomma tiny black food truck. We can’t recommend them enough!

Caffenation, the best local coffee roasters

In best restaurants in Antwerp, even it is not a restaurant again, Caffenation is a well-regarded coffee spot in Antwerp, celebrated for its high-quality coffee and relaxing atmosphere. It’s an ideal location for coffee enthusiasts, offering a variety of coffee beans and drinks. The cafe also serves tasty breakfast options and is known for its friendly and charming staff. It’s a perfect spot for a quick power-up while exploring the city center. The cafe is a suitable venue for both families and remote workers.

  • Cuisine: Coffee roasters
  • Special Diets: Vegetarian options
  • Price Range: Affordable
  • Features: High-quality coffee, breakfast options, friendly staff, suitable for families, free Wi-Fi
  • Address: Lamorinièrestraat 161, 2018 Antwerpen, Belgium
  • Website: Caffenation

Barchel, a charming breakfast & lunch café

Barchel is a popular breakfast and lunch cafe in Antwerp, offering a range of tasty food items like breakfast bagels, avocado toasts, and pancakes. They are known for using fresh ingredients and providing a variety of delicious options, including gluten-free meals. The ambiance of Barchel is warm and inviting, making it a great spot for breakfast, lunch, or brunch. The cafe also has outdoor seating and is recognized for its friendly service and fine decor.

  • Cuisine: Belgian, European
  • Special Diets: Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options
  • Price Range: Affordable
  • Features: Cozy atmosphere, vegetarian and vegan options, outdoor seating
  • Address: Van Breestraat 6, Antwerp 2018, Belgium
  • Website: Barchel

Ni Shifu, understated Sichuan restaurant

Ni Shifu is a renowned Sichuan cuisine and fondue restaurant amongst connaisseurs, located near Antwerp Central Station. The restaurant is highly praised for its authentic Sichuan dishes, crafted by Chef Ni Shifu, who is acclaimed for his culinary skills on par with top Chinese chefs. The menu showcases the full scope of Sichuan cuisine, famous for its bold flavors, particularly the spiciness from the use of garlic and chili peppers, as well as the distinct taste of Sichuan pepper. The restaurant offers a variety of dishes that highlight the diverse and robust flavors characteristic of Sichuan cooking.

  • Cuisine: Chinese, Sichuan
  • Special Diets: Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options
  • Price Range: Affordable
  • Features: Authentic Sichuan cuisine, cozy atmosphere, professional staff, diverse menu with vegetarian and vegan options, Michelin Guide-recognized
  • Address: Breydelstraat 8, Antwerp 2018, Belgium
  • Website: Ni Shifu

1238 Restaurant, at the fabulous Botanic Sanctuary Hotel

1238 Restaurant, located at the Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp, is a distinguished dining destination known for its romantic conservatory setting. Chef Pascal Duvivier, an Amsterdam native, leads the culinary team. Duvivier, who previously honed his skills at the award-winning Restaurant Bridges in Amsterdam, brings his passion for culinary arts to 1238. The restaurant is renowned for its Imperial Heritage Caviar with egg yolk, crème fraîche, parsley, and creamy potatoes, as well as delectable langoustine dishes. It combines fresh, locally sourced ingredients with a team spirit to create beautifully curated and tasty meals. Everyone will agree this is one of the finest dining experiences and best restaurants in Antwerp.

  • Cuisine: Belgian, International, European
  • Special Diets: Offers options
  • Price Range: High-End
  • Features: Air conditioning, garden or park, terrace, wheelchair access, reservations, validated parking, valet parking, free Wi-Fi, accepts credit cards, table service.
  • Address: Leopoldstraat 26, Antwerp 2000, Belgium
  • Website: 1238 Restaurant

Frites Atelier, best fries in town

Antwerp local will argue a lot about who does the best fries, we believe Frites Ateliers is one of the best restaurants in Antwerp. Frites Atelier in Antwerp is renowned for its high-quality Belgian fries, offering a modern take on this traditional Belgian dish. The restaurant features a range of fries with various toppings and sauces, catering to different tastes. Known for its crispy and well-prepared fries, it is a popular spot for a quick and tasty meal. The atmosphere is often described as cozy, and the restaurant has gained a reputation for its good quality food and friendly service.

  • Cuisine: Belgian, Dutch, European
  • Special Diets: Vegetarian Friendly
  • Price Range: Affordable
  • Features: Cozy atmosphere, quick service, vegetarian options, quality food, suitable for quick bites
  • Address: Korte Gasthuisstraat 32, Antwerp 2000, Belgium
  • Website: Frites Atelier